How Many Russian Speakers Are in U.S.?

Experts mostly agree that about 700,000 people from the former Soviet Union came to the U.S. But how many live here now and how many of them should be counted as Jews?


State Lawmakers Ramp Up Anti-Iran Push

State lawmakers are trying to take a stand against Iran. But analysts question whether the local sanctions measures will have any real impact on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Blazing a Trail, With Modesty and Faith

Miriam Rosenbaum is the first Orthodox woman to win a Rhodes Scholarship. Devout and modest, the Princeton senior quietly hopes to be a role model for Jewish girls.


At the ZOA Dinner, It's 1939 Again

Glenn Beck tells the ZOA that Jews are under threat like never before. He sees Nazi ?brown shirts? in the Occupy Wall Street protests and anti-Semites in liberal critics of Israel.


Ryan Braun Named National League MVP

Ryan Braun, the slugging outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, became the first Jew to win Most Valuable Player award in nearly five decades.

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