New Restaurant Seal Meets With Approval

The small kosher falafel joint called Soom Soom, on West 72nd Street in Manhattan, was bubbling with activity on a recent afternoon. In the kitchen, glimpsed through an open door, falafel balls were frying and a giant pot of hummus was being stirred, as half a dozen Latino employees fielded orders yelled out from a front counter covered in a rainbow of Israeli salads.

Jews Displaced From Arab Lands Finally Recognized

For the first time since they came to Israel, all 10 Jewish communities displaced from Arab countries have agreed on a course of action to address their grievances — and triumphed in the political arena.


A College With 80 Tongues Tries To Speak in One Voice

A sophomore leaning toward a major in political science, Charlie Wohlberg was walking home from a Yonkers, N.Y., synagogue one night three summers ago, when a group of young men approached him.

In Dispute Over Using ‘Rabba,’ Supporters Find Reason for Optimism

The news that the leading Orthodox advocate for female spiritual leadership reversed his decision to embrace the title “rabba” seemed at first a major setback for Orthodox feminists.


Hadassah and Hospital Resolve Rift

A feud between Hadassah and its hospital in Jerusalem has finally been resolved, though the circumstances surrounding the dispute remain mysterious.

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