50 Polish Righteous Cited as 'Lights in Darkness'

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull called 50 Holocaust-era rescuers of Jews “a light in the darkness” at a Warsaw reception in their honor.

Jewish Ukraine Governor Vows To Return Mosque

The Jewish governor of a large Ukrainian city has promised to return a former mosque to the hands of the Muslim community.

Settlers Want Israel Tied to Past — But What About Future?

In Hebron and elsewhere, Jane Eisner met settlers who want an Israel inextricably tied to its past —  consequences be damned. Political leaders Naftali Bennett and Dani Dayan explain why.


What Kind of Israel Do Settlers Want?

When Forward editor-in-chief Jane Eisner met West Bank settlers, she was disturbed by how normalized their presence has become. What kind of future do they envision for Israel?


Inside Home of Mourning for Slain Palestinian Teen Mohammed Abu Khdeir

A shrine to revenge victim Mohammed Abu Khdeir lies on his bed: a photo, his favorite checkered shirt, and a schoolbag. It only reminds them of the brutality of his murder.

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