Paris Preview: A sample of Israel?s collection styled by Motie Rubin and Rafael Rubin.

Battle of the Blow-Dryers

If we’ve learned one thing from Adam Sandler’s Zohan, it’s that you don’t mess with Israeli hairdressers!

Moving Out

High rent and a new city parking meter in front of her store is sending Fairhurst and her famous pickle shop — one of two left in the neighborhood, along with The Pickle Guys — to Brooklyn’s Boro Park, where she grew up.

Soap Rock: The cast of ?Almost Angels? heads to Israel for a Tel Aviv Concert on Sukkot.

Argentina’s Angels Come to Tel Aviv

Young Israelis’ passion for soap operas is again winning them visitors from the Southern Hemisphere.

Quick Advice in a Shrink Rap

Godfather Freud aside, the advent of psychotherapy has many Jews to thank. The invention of the therapy party (think speed dating, but with advice-giving gurus) also finds a Jew at the helm.

Amos Kenan, Israeli Writer and Artist, Dies at 82

Amos Kenan, the Israeli artist and writer who scandalized his countrymen with his iconoclasm, has died at 82.