Israel Marks First-Ever National Day Remembering Jewish Exodus from Arab Lands

Around the time of Israel’s founding, 850,000 Jews were expelled, fled or left their homes in Arab lands. On Sunday, they got a belated recognition of their collective trauma.


Should French Jews Protest 'Palestine' Vote?

The CRIF umbrella of French Jewish communities called on French Jews to refrain from protests against the parliament’s vote on recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Chasing Ghosts, Reviving Spirits: The Fall and Rise of Poland's Jews

On a recent reporting trip, Jane Eisner discovered a movement to resurrect life in the home of the death camps. Is it time to upend our decades-long narrative about Poland?


Jewish and Palestinian Children Learn Together at Jerusalem 'Greenhouse' of Coexistence

Rawan Masalha and Inbar Shaked-Vardi were in their ninth-grade geography class earlier this year when a fight began over the name of their textbook, “Israel: Its People and Area.”


What Does the Madoff Name Mean 6 Years Later?

The name of the most reviled member of the American Jewish community hangs in posterity’s balance. And in a place of honor at Manhattan’s Center for Jewish History.

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