Officer’s Death Highlights Dearth of Jews in the Military

When Benjamin Sklaver was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on October 2, he was just 32 years old, but had already made a remarkable impact on the world. Sklaver, a U.S. Army captain, was a dedicated soldier motivated by a desire to help others, which grew from his commitment to Judaism.


Pushing for Better Wages, Not Necessarily Giving Them

Rabbi Michael Siegel has been a leading advocate for improving the treatment of workers in kosher food facilities. As the founding co-chair of the Hekhsher Tzedek program, Siegel was behind the release last month of detailed standards on how kosher companies should properly compensate their employees. Soon after the release of those standards, though, Siegel took a look at the wages and benefits of the janitors at his Chicago synagogue.


Goldstone: ‘If This Was a Court Of Law, There Would Have Been Nothing Proven.’

The incident detailed in paragraphs 713 through 716 of the Goldstone Report, if accurate, was a moment of indiscriminate terror.


Should Madoff’s Winners Give Back to Losers?

Victims of Bernard Madoff appear to be deeply divided over the latest idea for recovering some of their lost money.


How To Handle Hate: Jews Debate Response to the Westboro Road Show

Wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed “God Hates Fags” and waving a quartet of antisemitic signs on the busy street corner, Shirley Phelps-Roper was getting exactly what she wanted: attention.

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