Border Towns Could Be Iran Safe Havens

When conflict looms, residents of Israel’s far north and south flee to Tel Aviv or other areas thought to be safe. If Iran should attack Israel, the flow could go in the opposite direction.

Nazi Hunter Runs for German Presidency

Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld is mounting a quixotic campaign for German president. She is running with the Left Party, an ex-Communist group that is strongly critical of Israel.


Lightning Rod of the Boycott Israel Movement

Ali Abunimah is a rock star of the campus Boycott Israel movement. He runs the Electronic Intifada website and promotes a ‘one-state solution’ to the Mideast conflict.


AIPAC Unleashes Partisan Schism On Iran

Democrats and Republicans faced off at AIPAC. Will a gap between Netanyahu and Obama on Iran become an issue in the 2012 general election?


Campaign Succeeds in Stirring Charity Pot

An ad campaign against Jewish charities accused of funding anti-Israel organizations looked like a failure. But the blow-up may have been exactly what its sponsors hoped for.

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