Jews Loved Bloomberg, But Most Backed His Strongest Critic

Jewish Democrats in New York City love Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but a plurality backed his strongest critic. Does this signal a shift in priorities of voters?

Syria Crisis Puts Rift Running Through J Street on Sharp Display

J Street’s leadership rarely strays too far from the communal consensus. Obama’s push to punish Syria raises the question: Is that a virtue, or a fatal flaw?


Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Teachers Leader Share Faith — But Little Else

Karen Lewis, President of Chicago Teacher’s Union and Jewish convert, has little in common with the city’s mayor other than faith. The two are now battling over local education.

Russian Chief Rabbi Tells Jews To Back Off on Criticizing Vladimir Putin

Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar warns American Jews to avoid confronting President Vladimir Putin. He says nothing good comes out of butting heads with the Russian strongman.


How an Asian Convert to Judaism Became Unlikely Leader of Unusual Synagogue

What do a Japanese rabbi and a Chinese restaurant have in common? It’s no punch line — just the unlikely story of Rabbi Theodore Tsuruoka and his Long Island shul.

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