With Each New Assessment, Iran’s Nuclear Clock Is Reset

The senior Israeli official’s tone was dire. In only a few years, the Iranians would be ready to launch a nuclear bomb. He minced no words. “If Iran is not interrupted in this program by some foreign power, it will have the device in more or less five years.”

Reaching out: City Council candidate Brad Lander (left) campaigns in Boro Park with State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (center).

An Odd Political Alliance of Left and Right Walks the Streets of Brooklyn

Nowhere has the truism that politics makes strange bedfellows seemed truer than in New York’s 39th City Council district.

The Other Woman: Sheryl Weinstein?s affair with Bernie Maddoff is raising questions about her former employer, Hadassah.

Charities Hurt by Madoff May Have To Return Funds

The battered image of Hadassah, the American women’s Zionist organization, may be harmed further by the disclosure earlier this month that its former chief financial officer was a mistress to Bernard Madoff — even as she sat on the committee that invested the charity’s funds with Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

What Remains: The only synagogue in Oswiecim is now part of the Auschwitz Jewish Center (above.)

Bargain Shopping in the Shadow of Auschwitz

I’m in the dressing room at Emporio, an Italian clothing boutique, in a city whose most famous landmark is Auschwitz. And I’m having a debate with myself. In question are two brightly designed shirts that together cost 25 American dollars: a downright steal. But I’m kept in the room by superstition: Does the historical trauma so apparent in Oswiecim get woven into the fabric of the shirts? And do I really want souvenirs from this town? In the end, my bargain-hunting impulse wins. But the shirts, purchased in July, remain in the closet, unworn.

Controversial choice: P.R. man Ronn Torossian has a reputation for brash, effective marketing ? and questionable tactics.

Birthright Scored for Picking P.R. Firm Tied To Scandal, Hard Right Politics

Taglit-Birthright Israel, one of the most widely praised Jewish communal programs, is facing a rare dose of criticism from within the Jewish world after deciding to hire a public relations company with big national clients — and a history of controversy.