Debt Deal Collapse Averts Cutbacks

The Jewish community wasn’t entirely unhappy when talks collapsed for a deficit deal that would have included harsh cuts. Then they realized across-the-board cuts would do damage, too.

Egypt Confronts Its Unfinished Revolution

Egyptians are confronting the legacy of Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship and trying to build a better country. For many, it feels like one step forward and two steps back.


All You Need to Tie the Knot Right

There were chuppahs, wedding cakes, wigs, rings and more. But even after going to My Big Fat Jewish Wedding Expo, you’ll still have to find a husband.


Synagogue Hopes To Build Mosque's Trust

A New York mosque scrapped an invitation to synagogue members after immigrants got cold feet. Now both congregations are hoping to build a stronger bond.


With Sharp Elbows, Simon Greer Pushes Ahead

Don’t feel bad if Simon Greer doesn’t have time to meet you for lunch. The new Cummings Foundation chief is busy trying to change the world, and can’t please everyone.

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