Israel Quietly Accedes to Huge Saudi Arms Deal, The Largest Ever

Almost everyone seems ecstatic about the biggest arms sale in U.S. history, a recently announced $60 billion deal with Saudi Arabia.

As Some Retire From ADL, Will Abe Be Next?

One thing is certain about Abraham Foxman and his Anti-Defamation League: They are never out of the headlines for long.

Jewish Nursing Homes Embracing a New Model of Care

Lunchtime at the Chelsea Jewish Home for the Aging in a Boston suburb looks nothing like the daily drudgery that has become the default existence for the old and ailing in America. Here, on a recent afternoon, the 10 residents of a ?household? sit at a long table, laughing and gossiping with each other. Light floods in from floor-to-ceiling windows. A giant brisket rests on a platter and everyone at the table has a bowl ? a real ceramic bowl ? filled with chicken soup. The nurses? aides, known to everyone affectionately as ?the kids,? are standing nearby, in an open kitchen, having just made the soup and baked the brisket themselves.


Some Israelis Hoping for A GOP Win, But Will History Repeat Itself?

As predictions of a Republican tidal wave in the coming congressional elections became more certain, some Israelis were experiencing goose bumps of anticipation.

Price of Beauty: Boycotts and ?Buycotts?

The Middle East conflict has inflamed college campuses, bedeviled political campaigns and sparked street demonstrations. But cosmetics stores are the latest, and perhaps least likely, sites so far to bear witness to the sprawling nature of this ever deepening dispute.

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