$20M Charity Embezzlement Case Shows Power of Rabbinic Courts

A Jewish rabbinical court ruled that an official swindled an Orthodox charity to the tune of $20 million. Prosecutors cited a dramatically smaller amount, but the case highlights the power of religious courts’ decisions in the secular legal world.


Jury Decides Against JONAH in Landmark 'Gay Conversion' Therapy Case

A jury decided against a Jewish group that promotes so-called ‘gay conversion therapy.’ Jurors awarded $72,000 in damages to victims — but will the judge shut down JONAH for its bogus claims to ‘cure’ gays?


That Time Jellyfish Swarmed an Israeli Power Plant

A swarm of giant jellyfish arrived at the Rutenberg power plant in Ashkelon Wednesday, which however was prepared with filters to keep the slimy sea creatures out of its cooling systems. The plant constantly cleared the filters from the animals, to keep the cooling systems and plant running.

Jewish Groups Lead Push To Crack Open Doors to Syria Refugees

So far just 1,000 refugees from Syria’s brutal civil war have found a safe haven in the U.S. Jewish groups are leading a push to open our door wider as the fighting shows no sign of ending.


Landmark JONAH 'Gay Conversion' Therapy Case Goes to Jury

Jurors have begun deliberations on whether gay conversion therapy constitutes fraud. A decision in favor of the plaintiffs would be a blow to the controversial treatment nationwide.

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