British Candidate Suspended for 'Evil Israel' Tweets

A British parliamentary candidate from the Labor party has been suspended after a series of tweets in which she describes Israel as “evil” and questions why ISIS has not yet attacked it.

Protesters Take Aim at Metropolitan Opera's 'Death of Klinghoffer'

With the Metropolitan Opera’s new season set to open Monday night, protesters are calling for one show to be canceled.


Jews Join Hundreds of Thousands at Largest-Ever Climate Change March

Shofar blasts rang out and ‘Save Our Planet’ signs in Yiddish peppered the streets of New York as more than 100 Jewish groups joined the largest-ever climate change protest.


Despite Winning 1,000 Pre-K Seats, N.Y. Jewish Advocates Still Frustrated

Bill de Blasio’s new pre-kindergarten program funds over 1,000 free seats for Jewish schools in N.Y. But some Orthodox advocates want more time for religious study.


In Golan Heights, Harvesting Apples Against Backdrop of Syrian War

Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner —  and for apple farmers in the Golan Heights, so is the Syrian civil war. Israelis feel threatened, but some Druze feel differently.

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