Bukharian Rabbi Fights To Keep Post

Bukharian Jewry’s chief rabbi shrugs off a string of charges leveled against him. We head to Queens to find out what the ‘black eye’ means for the insular community.


George McGovern, Peace Candidate Who Knew When War Was Needed

George McGovern is remembered for his stand against the Vietnam War. Yet the presidential candidate, who died at 90, knew America needed to use force to end the Holocaust.

Fresh Israeli Face Pushes Economic Message

Benjamin Netanyahu wants the Israeli election to be all about Iran. One leader of last summer’s protest movement is pushing a message of economic inclusion.


Hollywood Ponies Up Big for Obama

Hollywood titans Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg gave huge donations to a super PAC supporting President Obama as the race for the White House tightens.


Seeking Asylum, Sudanese Face Israeli Prison

Israel is building prison camps to detain some 15,000 immigrants from Sudan who are seeking asylum. Many of them are refugees from the horrific conflict in Darfur.

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