Speaking Out: Larry Franklin, the former Pentagon analyst at center of AIPAC case, tells his side of the story to the Forward.

Once Labeled An AIPAC Spy, Larry Franklin Tells His Story

Former Pentagon Iran analyst Larry Franklin recently quit his job cleaning the restrooms at his local church in West Virginia. He still keeps his weekend job, mopping the floors at a nearby Roy Rogers restaurant. In recent years, Franklin also has gained experience in parking cars, digging trenches and cleaning cesspools. In between, he has been searching for a publisher for his book — a manual for saving America from the Iranian threat.

Room to Grow: From Givat Ha?eytam, a West Bank hill, the Jewish settlement of Efrat is visible in the distance. The remote land is within Efrat?s municipal boundaries and could be developed without being identified as a new settlement.

Why Defining ‘Natural Growth’ Is So Confusing, On Purpose

Givat Ha’eytam, a lonely hill in the Israeli occupied West Bank, seems like anything but a natural part of the bustling 8,000-person Jewish settlement of Efrat. Indeed, the stony outcrop, with its view of Efrat’s buildings in the distance, soon will be cut off from that settlement by the separation barrier Israel is building across the length of the West Bank, ostensibly to protect Israelis from Palestinian terrorism.

Modern Solomon: Executive com-pensation master Kenneth Feinberg will set salaries for TARP executives.

New ‘Pay Czar’ Walks Familiar Path

The age-old Jewish antipathy toward the murderous, antisemitic monarchs of pre-communist Russia was never captured better than in the old joke, retold in “Fiddler on the Roof,” in which a rabbi asks if there is a special prayer for the czar. Yes, the rabbi replies: “May the Lord bless and keep the czar — far away from us.”

Strategic Value: Some Israeli officials and advocates have argued that current Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, above, better suits Israel?s strategic goals than his reformist rivals because he better represents the malevolent threat Iran poses.

Unrest in Iran Poses Dilemma For Israel

Iran’s descent into instability has confronted Israel and its American supporters with a dilemma in choosing between two competing approaches: one based on human rights, and the other on realpolitik.

Prague Conference May Be Last Chance To Settle Holocaust Property Claims

In what may be the final opportunity for many Holocaust survivors, the international community is launching a new effort to reach understandings on restitution of property that belonged to Jews in Europe before the Nazi occupation.