A Jewish Mystic Offers Amulets and Predictions, for $180 A Pop

On a recent Monday afternoon in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, eight women and two men sat patiently in the back room of Neuman’s Optical, tapping their feet, chatting in Russian, reading psalms and occasionally letting out an aggravated sigh. Appropriately, a broken clock hung over the windowless waiting area, where some said they had been sitting for as long as six hours.

Israel Poised To Pass National I.D. Database Law

Israel may become the only democratic country to take biometric information from all citizens and store it in a database.

Reluctant Exodus: Members of the Skver sect leave the former Homowack Lodge, after a sum-mer spent fighting over alleged health and safety problems at the 450-acre resort.

Hasidim Evacuate Catskills Camp Site, Leaving Plans for New Town in Doubt

Hasidic campers and families finally evacuated a Catskills-area lodge that was cited by the New York State Department of Health for numerous safety violations, just hours ahead of a judge’s deadline.

Late Bloomer: Eliezer Schwartz, 81, receives his doctorate in July from the University of Haifa.

Survivor Wins Holocaust Studies Ph.D. With Ground-breaking Study

Like many Holocaust survivors, Eliezer Schwartz kept quiet for decades about his experiences carrying out forced labor for the Nazis.

Puppet Food: Lions and marionettes star in Karromato?s ?Wooden Circus.?

Puppets Perform, No Strings Attached

‘I’ve been a puppet… a poet, a pawn and a king.”