The Pope's Very First Tweet

Coming soon to hashtags everywhere: Pope Benedict XVI has taken a new role within the Catholic Church.

Poll Finds Young Jews Love To Volunteer — But Not Through Jewish Groups

Young Jews want to give back more than ever, but a new survey finds that few of them are volunteering through Jewish service organizations.

U.S. Funding Rigorous Study of Palestinian and Israeli Textbook Incitement

Billed as the first scientific study of incitement in Palestinian and Israeli textbooks, researchers hope it will settle a long-running Mideast dispute.


Peres's Conference, Netanyahu's Challenge

At the recent Israeli Presidential Conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that “peace is within reach.” The problem is that almost nobody believes him.


A Veteran Washington Jew-Watcher Looks Back, and Forward

For 24 years, James Besser has been watching Jewish politics from up close. As the unofficial dean of the Washington Jewish media corps, the veteran reporter of the New York Jewish Week, who retired June 22, has been uniquely positioned to observe how the world of Jewish politics has changed and how, in many senses, it remained the same.

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