Pro-Israel Lawmakers Push for One State

Some pro-Israel state lawmakers are pushing for Israeli annexation of West Bank. So why are Palestinian activists pilloried for calling for a ‘one-state solution’?

Family Secret: My Mother-in-Law, the Accused Spy

On Saturday, February 26, my mother-in-law, Judith Socolov, died peacefully in her sleep at age 89. Her death was covered extensively by The Associated Press and The New York Times, and reporters openly discussed her “infamous” past as part of a Cold War drama that had long been forgotten.


In Opposing Federal Budget Cuts, Unity Is Elusive

Amid a raging national debate over the federal budget, Jewish organizations are rallying to save projects that are dear to the community from the chopping block.

In Madison, Only Some Jewish Voices Are Heard

At Wisconsin’s Capitol building, in Madison, rabbis and other members of the state’s Jewish community have been a visible presence as protests have swelled in support of state and local public worker unions. But the community’s biggest and most politically influential bodies — its two federations and affiliated community relations councils — have been conspicuously silent.


Union That Grew in the Triangle Fire’s Ashes Is Now Nearly Gone

By the time the union was done with J.P. Stevens and Co., the boycott of the giant textile manufacturer had so penetrated the culture that the wives of Stevens executives, heading off to cocktail parties, would warn their husbands not to tell anyone where they worked.

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