Frank Lautenberg, Proud Jew Who Didn't Want To Be a 'Jewish Senator'

Frank Lautenberg, who died June 3, never shied away from his Jewish identity. But his greatest political achievements were not in issues of explicitly Jewish interest.

Jewish Beer Company Grows Fast

Shmaltz Brewing has embraced its Jewish heritage to carve out a niche in the booming microbrewing beer market. Sales are growing at a brisk 40% clip.


Controversy Erupts Over Effort To Honor Bulgarian Who Saved Jews From Nazis

Naming a streetcorner for a Bulgarian who saved Jews might seem innocuous enough. The simple request sparked a fierce debate about the Balkan nation’s role in World War II.

Amusement Park Discrimination May Be Tip of Iceberg in Israel

Israelis were outraged that an amusement park forced Jewish and Palestinian students to visit separately. But, some say anti-Arab discrimination is more common than many realize.


Israel Could Benefit From Syrian Civil War as Hamas and Hezbollah Face Setbacks

The Syrian civil war is a human tragedy. But it may benefit Israel by causing major geopolitical setbacks for two of its sworn enemies: Hamas and Hezbollah.

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