Angela Buchdahl, First Asian-American Rabbi, Vies for Role at Central Synagogue

Angela Buchdahl is the first Asian-American rabbi and a candidate for the top spot at the venerable Central Synagogue. She symbolizes the increasing diversity of American Jewry.


Genetic Testing For Sephardic Jews Faces Reluctant Community

Genetic diseases have been largely linked with Ashkenazim. But Sephardim too have ‘Jewish’ diseases — and a new generation is coming to terms with them.

Jewish Acid-Attack Girls Return to Britain From African Island of Zanzibar

The two Jewish victims of a shocking acid attack in Zanzibar have returned home to London. Who wanted to disfigure them during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan?


Mark Leibovich Channels Jewish Outsider Status for Beltway Bestseller 'This Town'

Mark Leibovich’s bestseller ‘This Town’ is a peek behind the scenes in the corridors of Washington D.C. power. Turns out there’s plenty of Jewish drama inside the Beltway.

Judge Deals Setback to Ex-Students Suing Yeshiva for $380M Over Sex Abuse Claims

Even more ex-students have signed onto a sex abuse lawsuit against Yeshiva University. But a federal judge’s ruling may make their case much harder to win.

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