Help for Needy Holocaust Survivors In Doubt as Donor Conference Scrapped

Dignitaries made solemn pledges — in the name of the Terezin concentration camp — to aid needy Holocaust survivors. But four years later, there is little to show for all the talk.


German Parliament Passes Anti-Semitism Measure

The German Bundestag today approved a resolution vowing to combat anti-Semitism and support Jewish life in Germany, and to deepen the country’s special relationship with Israel.


Jewish Women Declare Victory on Supreme Court BRCA Gene Mutation Case

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a private company cannot patent human genes. For Jewish breast cancer advocates, that is cause for celebration — and more work.


Did Satmars Bite Hand That Feeds Them With Anti-Israel Message at Draft Rally?

Hasidic Jews held a huge rally against Israeli efforts to draft the ultra-Orthodox. Will their anti-Zionist views damage ties to mainstream groups that are addressing poverty?


Conservative Umbrella Group Lays Off 12 Staffers as Fiscal Woes Bite

The Conservative movement’s umbrella group has laid off a total of 12 full-time and part-time employees in an effort to close a bulging $1 million budget deficit.

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