Jewish Man Beaten in Berlin on New Year's Eve

A Jewish man was badly beaten by several men in the center of Berlin on New Year’s Eve, after he asked them to stop singing anti-Semitic songs.

French Anti-Semitism Fighter Will Immigrate to Israel

Sammy Ghozlan, founder of France’s National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, announced he would immigrate to Israel, calling it “a message.”


Stanley Cohen's Radical Detour on the Way to Prison

Radical lawyer Stanley Cohen is heading to prison for tax evasion. So how did he wind up leading a mission to free an American held captive by ISIS?


Why Were 'Selma' Jews Who Fought for Civil Rights Ostracized?

‘Selma’ depicts the time-honored heroism of the civil rights struggle. Why has the story of those Alabama Jews who were shunned for standing up for justice never been told?


How Mario Cuomo Won Over Both Orthodox and Secular Jews

Mario Cuomo managed to appeal to both Orthodox and secular Jews. He was a natural liberal but learned as a teenage ‘shabbos goy’ about the vulnerability of being observant.

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