Tribute to Disappearing Jews of Friesland

There were once 1,500 Jews in the capital of the Dutch province of Friesland. Just a handful remain, but a scholar is translating the Talmud in tribute to them.


Jewish Democrats Ready Push for Obama

Democrats hope to use their convention to shore up Jewish support for President Obama. They plan to push back on Israel, and talk a blue streak about social issues.


Dagestan's 'Mountain Jews' Flee Chaos

Russia’s oldest Jewish community is stuck in the crossfire of separatist chaos. After 12 centuries of co-existence with the Muslim majority, the Mountain Jews are fleeing.


One Beating Is Front Page, Another Goes Unnoticed

The recent attack on Palestinians in the center of Jerusalem was on the front page of Israeli papers. But other similar attacks go practically unnoticed. Why?

Jewish in the Bible Belt

Jews are a minority of less than 1% in most Southern towns. One of the first questions a newcomer is typically asked is ‘What church do y’all go to?’

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