Internal Gridlock Stalls Federation Giving Reform

It’s been nearly a year since the Jewish Federations of North America vowed to overhaul the way American Jews divvy up contributions for overseas causes. So why is reform so elusive?


Moving Torah Scrolls as Isaac Roars

As Hurricane Isaac approached New Orleans, members of Congregation Shir Chadash decided not to take any chances. So they moved the Torah scrolls to higher ground.

Selling GOP to Jewish Women

Jewish women are a tough constituency for Mitt Romney and the GOP. Their strategy? Change the subject from women’s issues to the economy and Israel.


Chabad Rabbis Fight Over Michigan Shul

A powerful Chabad group has been fighting to take over the deed to a 150-family synagogue in Michigan. The legal case highlights tensions over control of the worldwide movement’s 4,000 shuls.


Rachel Corrie Case Hinged on Driver

At its core, the ruling in the Rachel Corrie case hinged on one simple question: Did the Israeli bulldozer driver who ran over the activist see her or not?

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