Grave-Robbers Target Cuba's Jewish Cemeteries in Search of Bones for Rituals

The Jewish cemeteries of Cuba are being looted fast. Some point to economic desperation — but others blame a strange occult practice involving the bones of non-Christians.

In Hasidic Williamsburg, Not Everyone Is Against Citi Bike

A New York bike share program hasn’t arrived in Hasidic Williamsburg yet. Some in the community aren’t happy about that.


Claims Conference Chair Lashes Out at Critics

The chairman of the Claims Conference hits out at media coverage and communal criticism of his handling of a 2001 letter that could have stopped a multi-million dollar fraud.

Lay-Offs Bring Curtain Down on Jewish Era at Village Voice

Fact checkers at the Village Voice once kept ‘The Joys of Yiddish’ on their desks. Now, with the Voice a shell of its former self, J. Hoberman recalls its Jewish past.


Endless Jewish Possibilities of Google Glass

A chosen few web types are trying out Google Glass, the search giant’s much-hyped, futuristic wearable computer. The possible Jewish applications of the high-tech device are endless.

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