'Israel Apartheid' Week Comes to Brandeis

The protest movement known as Israel Apartheid Week is well underway at campuses across the U.S. And this year, there’s a new college on the roster: Brandeis University.


Jewish Students Decry Spying on Muslims

Jewish students are lining up behind Muslim classmates who were targeted by New York police in a controversial intelligence effort. Older communal leaders are mostly backing the NYPD.


The Softspoken Man Behind Times of Israel

Billionaire investor Seth Klarman is the money man behind the glossy new online Times of Israel. He has a less ideological outlook than other would-be barons of Israeli media.


Romney Will Address AIPAC Conference

Mitt Romney will address the annual AIPAC policy conference.

Women Seek Role in Deciding Halacha

Orthodox women are starting to chafe at their exclusion from interpreting Jewish law. A new group called Beit Hillel is aiming to bring down that barrier.

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