Genetics Expert Insists 75% of Jews Share Roots in Middle East

Where did the Jews originate? For DNA expert Bennett Greenspan, the vast majority share Middle East origins — and other theories only aim to ‘discredit the Jews.’


Republican Landslide Forces Jewish Activists To Downsize Goals

Jewish communal activists sounded a collective oy vey over the Republican landslide. Then they began looking for ways to work with the ascendant GOP.


France's New Chief Rabbi Embraces Reforms

The first thing Haim Korsia did after becoming chief rabbi of France was give his new office a thorough cleaning.

$20 Million Hasidic Mortgage Fraud Suspect Bribed Witness in Nechemya Weberman Case

One of the men arrested in a $20 million Satmar family mortgage fraud conspiracy is the same man who was convicted of trying to intimidate a witness against notorious Hasidic sex abuser Nechemya Weberman.

$20M Hasidic Fraud Suspects Claimed To Be Millionaires and Paupers — at Same Time

They told the banks they were millionaires, and the welfare agencies that they were broke.

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