BDS Leader: 'End Game’ Coming in Mideast

Palestinian rights advocate Ali Abunimah told a national boycott Israel conference that the Middle East conflict is near an ‘end game.’


Pro-Peace Group Barred From Leading Hebron Tours

Pro-peace group Breaking the Silence decided to join a government-run tour of Jewish sites in Hebron on the West Bank. That’s when settlers’ groups tried to undermine the tour.


Jews Shift Toward GOP, Survey Claims

Jewish support for the Republican Party has grown dramatically since 2008 nationwide, a new analysis suggests. Democrats rejected the study as wishful thinking.


Fast-Growing Charity Funds Raise Issues

Donor-advised funds are a growing and controversial form of philanthropy. Critics say they make it easy for donors to get a tax deduction while delaying giving cash to charity.


Rubbing Elbows With Famous in Davos

Davos Shabbat is one of the toughest tickets in a tough-ticket town. It’s a stunning gathering of 250 Jewish and non-Jewish leaders, from Sheryl Sandberg to Ehud Barak.

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