Weiner Costumes Selling Fast for Halloween

Just when you thought it was safe to go trick-or-treating, an anatomically appropriate Anthony Weiner costume is selling fast for Halloween. Yikes!

'Righteous' Moved to Israel After Saving Jews in Holocaust

Saving Jews during the Holocaust earned them the name ‘Righteous Gentiles.’ Some took their love of the Jewish people one step further by immigrating to Israel.


Alan van Capelle Named to Lead Social Justice Group

Alan van Capelle, a well-connected political activist with roots in the labor and gay and lesbian rights movements, will become president and CEO of the recently merged Progressive Jewish Alliance and Jewish Funds for Justice, the group announced October 3.

Obama's Jewish Team Has 2012 Plan

The president’s Jewish outreach team and donors have been talking weekly to map strategy. They want to counter GOP attacks that his support for Israel is soft.


Shelly Yachimovich Started Protesting at Early Age

At 15, Shelly Yachimovich was expelled from school for denouncing the principal. As the newly elected head of Israel’s Labor Party, she’s up against far more more powerful forces.

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