U.N. UPDATE: Bibi Gives Obama ‘Badge of Honor’

U.N. UPDATE: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says President Barack Obama deserves a ‘badge of honor’ for standing up against the Palestinian bid for statehood.

Jewish Leaders Warn Against Using Israel As 'Wedge' Issue

Bipartisan support for Israel in Congress remains steadfast, as evidenced by the recent special election in New York’s Congressional District 9, where each candidate tried to out-Israel the other.

Congress Moves To Punish Palestinians, But Even Israel Objects

Lawmakers from both parties want to punish the Palestinian Authority for its statehood bid by cutting American aid. Trouble is, even Israel thinks that’s a bad idea.


South African Jews Struggle With Legacy of Apartheid

Some South African Jews played key roles in the struggle to end apartheid. But Jewish leaders worked with the regime and Israel had wide-ranging ties with Pretoria.


Lithuanian Official's Attendance at YIVO Concert Is Uncertain

It’s unclear whether Lithuania’s foreign minister will attend a YIVO event. The function has become a flashpoint between the Baltic nation and world Jewry.

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