Dominique Strauss-Kahn Says Didn't Know Bunga Bunga Women Were Hookers

Dominique Strauss-Kahn took the witness stand on Tuesday to testify about his alleged role in sex parties with prostitutes, saying the frequency of the evenings had been wildly exaggerated.

Why Are Jews Supporting a German Right-Wing Movement?

German Jews are mostly united in their opposition to extremism, for obvious reasons. Why do some of them support Pegida, a fast-growing, far-right wing, anti-Muslim group?


Britain Must Take 'Immediate Action' to Quash Anti-Semitism, Report States

Instituting measures to deal with hate crimes on social media and a government fund to protect synagogues are among 35 recommendations offered by a British parliamentary inquiry into rising anti-Semitism.

Sudden Collapse of FEGS Raises Disturbing Questions About Jewish Social Service System

FEGS was long known as one of the most stable and largest Jewish social service agencies. If it could go belly up so quickly, what groups could be in danger of failing next?

Warsaw Ghetto Survivor Now Backs Monument to Righteous Gentiles

Warsaw Ghetto survivor Simcha Rotem now supports a monument to ‘righteous’ Poles, days after signing a letter protesting its location.

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