Summer Camps Try To Stay Affordable for Parents in Tough Economic Times

With their bunk-crowded cabins, unpredictable changes in shower temperature and air conditioning usually limited to the infirmary, summer sleepaway camps hardly conjure thoughts of luxury.

Erekat Voices Frustration With Israel’s Unwillingness To Play ‘End Game’

The fourth round of Israeli-Palestinian proximity talks were just getting under way and George Mitchell, the Obama administration’s American special envoy to the Middle East, was a few miles away in Jerusalem, but you wouldn’t have guessed it in the control center for the Palestinian negotiating team.

Bobby Fischer, Back From the Grave

Bobby Fischer was once the greatest chess player in the world, before he devolved into a ranting, rabid antisemite, despite the fact that he himself was Jewish. By the end of Fischer’s life, the only country that would have him was Iceland, where he died in 2008 of kidney failure, leaving behind some $2 million and no will. Now, The Associated Press reports, Iceland’s Supreme Court hopes that exhuming his corpse will help determine who gets the loot.


Just Two Minutes To Tell Your Story

On a tepid Monday evening at the Park Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan, a glut of Jewish authors sat alphabetically in a subterranean, windowless ballroom, clutching prepared remarks or copies of their recently published and forthcoming books and networking with fellow Jewish writers. Over the course of several days, 196 of them took two minutes each to sell themselves and their work to the Jewish Book Network — an association of Jewish community centers, synagogues and cultural organizations — which will summon their favorites to the country’s far corners, giving lucky authors an unparalleled platform to push their books.


Court Bans ‘Peaceful’ Aid to Terror Groups

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a federal law forbidding support for peaceful activities to terrorist organizations.

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