Chabad College in Michigan Gets Building Go-Ahead

The Michigan Jewish Institute has won approval for a big expansion. The school is in rapid growth mode despite having few if any students on campus.

Mother of Noah Pozner Makes Emotional Anti-Gun Plea

Flashing a Hanukkah photo of her slain son, Noah, Veronique Pozner made a dramatic plea for stricter gun control laws at a packed hearing in Connecticut’s state capital.


Rome Holocaust Museum Delayed by Red Tape

A starkly modern, $30 million Holocaust museum will soon rise on the site of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini’s Rome residence. But what exactly does ‘soon’ mean?

Landmark Synagogue Seeks Right to Demolish Itself

Congregation Beth Hamedrash has stood like a sentry on Manhattan’s Lower East Side for 162 years. It’s a historic landmark, so why do the shul’s leaders want it torn down?


Putting Bibi and Barack on the Couch

Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama just don’t get along. The political chasm is wide, but psychoanalysts say there may be deeper issues that prevent them from seeing eye to eye.

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