Turkish Jews Voice Wary Confidence About Future

Turkey’s 23,000 Jews have repeatedly been targeted by terrorists. Despite the their government’s feud with Israel, most say they feel a powerful bond to their homeland.


American Billionaires Spark Israeli Media Furor

Billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Ronald Lauder play an ever-greater role in Israel’s media. Does their growing muscle threaten press freedom and journalistic ethics?


Koch Takes a Victory Lap on N.Y. Congressional Race

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch voiced deep satisfaction over the GOP win in Anthony Weiner’s old district, and called the vote a wake-up call for President Obama.


Echoes of Jewish Back-to-Land Movement Under Utah's Big Sky

A century ago, Jews set up a farming colony in central Utah in hopes of escaping from tenement life. Little remains except for a few headstones, and the memories of descendants.


Swedish Jews Get Help To Fight Anti-Semitism

Jews in Malmo, Sweden, lately a hotbed of anti-Semitic attacks, are responding positively to the Swedish government’s decision to devote $622,000 to security for Sweden’s Jewish community.

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