Shorn Matisyahu Takes Different Path

Reggae star Matisyahu can still make fans beg for more, but his career is in flux. After he shaved his beard and quit the Hasidic lifestyle, some wonder if he has lost his way.


Fayyad Still Trying To Create State

Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is intent on building a Palestinian state in the most boring ways: paying bills and closing budget gaps, Forward editor Jane Eisner writes.


Kars4Kids Charity Reneged on Deal

A jury ruled a charity linked to Kars4Kids reneged on its deal to fund students’ tuition at a Jewish day school. It ordered the jingle-worthy group to pay $300,000.

Steinhardt Must Return $500,000 in Gains

A Delaware judge has ordered hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt to return $500,000 in profits earned from trades made using confidential information.

Clergy Push Debbie Friedman Song

A year after Debbie Friedman’s death, the legendary singer and composer’s version of “Shalom Aleichem” is gaining popularity among clergy and congregants.

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