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It seems like an oxymoron to be a Jew and be a “fan” of Auschwitz, but there are more than 10,000 such fans.

Elder B’nai Mitzvahs Journey to Israel

In the almost two millennia that it has been a site of pilgrimage, it is doubtful that the Western Wall has played host to two more different prayer services at the same time. On the morning of October 15, as young hippie-ish Hasidim beat on drums, singing ecstatically, nine elderly Americans from a retirement village in Cincinnati celebrated their belated bar and bat mitzvahs at Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

Faith-Based Reform Veers Into Israeli Policy

A task force charged with improving the White House’s faith-based initiative program has waded into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, raising eyebrows and concern among Jewish leaders.

Jewish Leaders, Israel at Odds Over Ties With Muslim Group

The Muslim World League, an organization emerging as a ubiquitous presence on the interfaith conference circuit, boasts close ties to the Saudi monarchy and produces a magazine that has published antisemitic screeds.

With Prayers and Support, Rubashkin Goes on Trial After Plea Bargain Fails

The trial of former kosher slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin began in South Dakota on October 12, though only after a failed effort to reach a plea bargain, according to a close confidant of the defendant.

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