Claims Conference Officials Were Told of Massive $57M Fraud — But Didn't Act

Top officials at the Holocaust Claims Conference professed shock about a massive fraud scheme. But they were told about the scam nearly a decade earlier — and failed to stop it.

African Island's Lost Jewish Heritage

A Portuguese rabbi and a Moroccan diplomat stood shoulder to shoulder in a Catholic cemetery here while 200 mourners howled in grief as they buried a resident of this island off the western coast of Africa.

Modern-Day Rabbi Must Be CEO, Teacher and Spiritual Leader at Once

The rabbi of today must be a shrewd entrepreneur, media-savvy speaker and compassionate spiritual healer. Are seminaries preparing the next generation for the demands they face?


Synagogues Merge Across Denominations To Survive

Across the country, scores of synagogues have overcome denominational differences to merge formally, share space or otherwise collaborate, often due to financial hardships wrought by shrinking Jewish populations.


Orthodox Rabbinic School Sparks Feud With Graduation of First Class of Women

The first women to graduate from a groundbreaking Orthodox rabbinical school are being welcomed at synagogues. But others are blasting Yeshivat Maharat for breaking with tradition.

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