Denmark Forced by History To Revisit Heroic Tale of Jewish Rescue From Nazis

Tiny Denmark is praised for its righteous stand in the face of the Holocaust. But 70 years later, Danes are reevaluating the Jewish rescue and paying attention to its unanticipated consequences.


When Torahs Tumble To the Floor, What's a Shul To Do?

What happens when a Torah falls? A conservative synagogue in Ashville, N.C. faces that question after two scrolls slipped out of the ark and on to the bimah during Kol Nidre.


Can 'Student Villages' Turn Tide of Poverty in Israeli City of Lod?

Fifteen minutes from Tel Aviv’s poshest neighborhoods, the city of Lod has become synonymous with decay and neglect. Could ‘student villages’ turn things around?

AIPAC Draws Red Lines on Talks With Iran

Talks of a renewed diplomatic effort to reach a deal with Iran have caused some unease in Israel and among its supporters in the United States.


Romemu's Popular Rabbi and New Age Prayer Brings Growth — and Challenges

A charismatic rabbi and new age spirituality is drawing overflow crowds to Romemu, a congregation on Manhattan’s West Side. Can it handle its own success?

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