No You Can?t: The protests that met President Obama?s recent trip to Israel indicated the extent of Israeli discontent with the American president.

Growing Gulf Between U.S. And Israeli Jews on Obama

He swept to power with the support of 78% of American Jews. But has Barack Obama become the bane of Israeli Jews?

New Chapter: Franz Molnar?s story has taken a new twist, as two different families lay claim to his Swiss bank account.

Franz Molnar’s Heirs Fight Over His Bank Account, And Their Identity

Novelist and playwright Franz Molnar’s life was always high on drama. He wrote works that were tuarned into Hollywood movies and Broadway musicals, including the Rodgers and Hammerstein favorite “Carousel.” In his personal life, Molnar fled Hungary to escape the Nazis and lived the high life in New York City until his death in 1952.

Out of Egypt: Howard Levy is among the performers in an interfaith musical group that pulled out of an Egyptian music festival after the religious background of participants became an issue.

Harmony Silenced at Egyptian Music Fest

Wendy Sternberg was thrilled when the organization she founded, Genesis at the Crossroads, was invited to perform at the eighth annual International Music Festival at Egypt’s Alexandria Library.

Feeding America: Enid Borden learned early to raise money for a good cause.

A ‘Jewish Missionary’ Takes On Hunger

It’s easy to get Enid Borden on a roll. Just mention hunger. “When you think we live in the richest nation on the earth and people are hungry, and these people are seniors, the people who raised and nurtured us — we’ve got to take care of them,” said Borden, the president and CEO of Meals on Wheels Association of America, her voice swelling with passion.

Bigger Duties: Dennis Ross?s new National Security Council post will give him a say over a much broader area.

Some See Extended Olive Branch For Israel In Ross Appointment to NSC

The promotion of Middle East adviser Dennis Ross to a senior White House position may open the door to a more positive tone by the United States toward the Israeli government, experts believe.