Are American Donors Helping To Fuel Jerusalem Tensions With Settler Push?

Jerusalem is a tinderbox that sparked the violence rocking Israel. Could a new wave of Jewish settlers moving into Arab neighborhoods make things worse — and are American donors funding the dangerous push?


Are Palestinian UN Workers Glorifying Violence Against Israelis on Social Media?

The U.N. agency charged with delivering aid to Palestinians is coming under fire again — this time for Facebook postings by its employees celebrating attacks on Israeli civilians.


How High Is Your Glass Ceiling? We Want To Know!

In preparation for the Forward’s annual salary survey, we want to hear your thoughts about women’s collective roles in your workplace.

Why U.S. Won't Give Israel Bunker-Busting Bombs After All

Washington has suggested supplying MOPs, bunker-busting bombs that will allow Israel to defend itself in case Iran ‘cheats’ on the nuclear deal. But providing these weapons may not be as easy or as desirable as it first seemed.


Paid Parental Leave Policy Now Sets JTS Apart From Other Seminaries

Even though Jewish communal groups claim to place a huge emphasis on family life and Jewish continuity, most of the nation’s rabbinical seminaries still do not offer their employees paid parental leave.

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