Happy Days Are Here Again

An Israeli “happiness” expert is bringing his popular Harvard University course to American TV audiences.


Holy Tweet: Oh, the Possibilities!

For centuries, visitors to the Old City of Jerusalem have made their way to the Western Wall to offer up their prayers. Recently, performing this sacred Jewish rite has become as easy as downloading an iPhone application, now that the Western Wall has its very own page on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Started by 25-year-old Alon Nil, the service allows users to submit prayers publicly or privately, which a team in Israel prints and puts in crevices in the Wall.

All in the Family: Congregants linger in front of the Deal Synagogue in Deal, N.J., where the father of an informant in a federal money laundering case is senior rabbi and one of those arrested is assistant rabbi. The Hebrew inscription at the entrance reads: ?This is the gate of the Lord through which the righteous will enter.?

An Inside Look at a Syrian-Jewish Enclave

At the Deal Synagogue on the final Saturday afternoon of July, congregants were treated to the spectacle of a revered rabbi of the Syrian community disavowing his son.

Sorry: The Spinka Grand Rabbi apologized in Brooklyn for money laundering.

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Begin To Question Their Own Insularity

A “wake-up call” is how a number of ultra-Orthodox Jewish leaders are describing the recent arrest of several New York-area rabbis on federal money laundering charges.


At Conference, Evangelicals Take On Netanyahu's Fight

Evangelical Christian supporters of Israel are taking on the Netanyahu government’s fight to ease mounting pressure from the Obama administration on the settlement issue. A three-day conference of Christians United For Israel (CUFI) held in Washington this week mobilized supporters, who according to organizers represent millions of followers throughout the country, to push back against what they see as unfair and uneven demands being imposed on Israel.