Allegations of Fake Holocaust Claims Just Keep Growing

New arrests, guilty pleas and witnesses have bolstered an investigation into a multimillion-dollar fraud at the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.


New Square: Where Tradition and the Rebbe Rule

When a New Square resident was badly injured in a recent arson attack, police called it an isolated incident; now law enforcement may be changing its tune.


After Carmel Fire, Sprouting Seeds, Struggling People

Six months after Israel’s largest wildfire destroyed human lives and homes, Israel’s finance ministry does not have a clear plan or timeline for funding repairs.

Is Ayn Rand’s Atheism An Inconvenient Truth?

A new political ad by a left-leaning Christian group attempts to use the atheism of libertarian hero Ayn Rand to fracture the Republican coalition.


Israeli Firm’s Trade With Iran Proves Awkward for Activists Pushing Sanctions

Israel activists advocating for tougher sanctions against Iran are embarrassed after a prominent Israeli firm was blacklisted for breaking the American sanctions regimen by trading with Tehran.

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