Nachman Sudak, Chabad's Emissary in Britain, Dies at 78

Rabbi Nachman Sudak, the chief emissary for the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in the United Kingdom, has died.

Prayers for Kidnapped Teens Unite a Divided Israel

The crisis of the kidnapped teens is dominating Israeli life, prompting a rare thaw in the political and religious debates that typically loom over everything else.

2 Men Point 'Gun' at Police Guarding Paris Synagogue

Two men pointed what looked like firearms at police stationed outside a Paris synagogue in part of a weekend string of anti-Semitic incidents in and near the French capital.

Holocaust Museum Urges Ukraine To Examine Its History of Anti-Semitism

The Holocaust Museum is urging Ukraine to examine its history of anti-Semitism. But what dark secrets will newly bared KGB archives reveal?


Krakow's New Chief Rabbi: All Non-Jews Dislike Jews

Several Polish rabbis and Jewish lay leaders criticized Krakow’s new chief rabbi for saying all non-Jews do not like Jews — a statement he was recorded making in an interview and then denied uttering.

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