Jewish Department Store Heirs Win $68M From Germany in Suit

Germany was ordered to pay the heirs of a Jewish department store chain nearly $68 million in restitution and interest for properties confiscated by the Nazis.

It's Le Pen vs. Le Pen as Father Slams Daughter Over His Anti-Semitic Remarks

Jean-Marie Le Pen denied making anti-Semitic statements on his blog and asked his daughter, Marine Le Pen, to repost the blog on the website of the far-right National Front party which she heads.

Jewish Rio Shrugs at Soccer Mania Surrounding World Cup

Not every Jew in Rio cares about the World Cup. Most believe it will be business as usual — except for the occasional traffic jam on game days.

Eric Cantor Loss Plunges Jewish Republicans Into Despair

Eric Cantor’s shocking defeat left Jewish Republicans speechless. But what does his demise say about the future of the party — and its always tenuous tie to the Tribe?


Jewish Teenager Wearing Kippah Attacked With Taser Stun Gun in Paris

French police are looking into reports that a gang of youths tasered a Jewish teenager in central Paris.

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