Is He Beacon for the Jews of Lithuania?

How did a Maryland cemetery worker named Harley Felstein manage to position himself as a key mediator between Jews and the government of Lithuania?


Romney Strikes Chord in Jerusalem

It felt more like a wedding than a political rally. With a grand view of Jerusalem’s walls, Mitt Romney pushed all the right buttons for supporters.


State Cash May Fund Orthodox Special Ed

A bill on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk offers the Orthodox community significantly increased public funding for private religious schools.


Romney Follows Well-Trodden Mormon Path

In visiting Israel, Mitt Romney is following a well-trodden path for his faith. Mormons are regular visitors to the Holy Land, though they vow not to prosletyze.


Ethiopian-Born Marathoner Runs for Israel

After becoming the first Israeli athlete to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games, Ethiopian-born Zohar Zemiro simply said: ‘It is the happiest moment in my life.’

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