In Muslim Kosovo, Lingering Jews Stake Claim To Country's Past — And Future

Kosovo’s centuries-old Jewish community is down to a few dozen souls. They are proud their past — and wonder why Israel won’t recognize their state.


‘Righteous’ Medal Returned, But Drama of Saved Family Continues

Protesting the Gaza war, Dutchman Henk Zanoli returned his Righteous Gentile medal to Israel, where the boy he saved still has family. How do they feel about Zanoli’s decision?


Why Israel's Fight Against William Schabas May Be Off-Target

Personal attacks aimed at William Schabas, chair of the U.N. Gaza war crimes panel, are pouring in. But the real danger may lie not in his appointment but in the International Criminal Court.


German Panel Says Nazi-Looted Painting Should Go to Jewish Heirs

Art experts have determined that another painting from the art collection of the late Cornelius Gurlitt should be returned to the descendants of its previous Jewish owner.

Leonard Fein Took Us Beyond False Dichotomies

Leonard Fein’s most enduring legacy may be his rejection of dualism: the idea that Jews must choose between assertiveness and compassion, between tribalism and universalism.

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