Lynn Margulis, Radical Biologist

When I met biologist Lynn Margulis, she spoke with such authority and passion, that I immediately dubbed her “Rabbi Lynn.” She would have laughed at that.

Gingrich, Romney Clash Over Palestinians

Mitt Romney slammed Newt Gingrich for his claim that the Palestinians are an “invented” people at the GOP debate in Iowa. Gingrich refused to back down.


Filene's Closing Ends Unusual Legacy

This is the last holiday shopping season for Filene’s Basement, the iconic discount retailer. The century-old chain started as a Jewish merchant’s unusual experiment in capitalism.

Orthodox Rabbis Oppose Gay Marriage

More than 100 Orthodox rabbis have signed onto a statement in opposition to same sex weddings, saying that gay marriage is a ‘desecration of Torah values.’


Gingrich Vows Stronger Backing for Israel

Republican frontrunner Newt Gingrich continued his concerted effort to court Jewish voters Friday and repeated his promise to support Israel more strongly.

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