The Smartest Computer-Generated Kid Ever Is Jewish

Eugene Goostman is the first-ever computer generated entity to respond so well to questions that even experts would think he’s a real person. Guess what? He’s totally Jewish.


Are Muslim Extremists Taking Over British Schools?

Britain’s top school inspector said on Monday that an investigation into an alleged plot by extremist Muslims to take over the running of some schools in the city of Birmingham had found that a culture of “fear and intimidation” existed.

Can New Number Crunchers Predict Upcoming Genocides?

What if genocide could be predicted using statistical models, just like sports and stock markets? Number crunchers say knowing when the ‘next Auschwitz’ is coming is all in the data.


Jewish Teens Escape Axe Attack Near Paris

Two Jewish teenagers on their way to a synagogue in France were chased down by a hatchet-wielding man. They escaped — narrowly.


Body of Missing Holocaust Scholar Robert Kuwalek Is Found in Ukraine

The body of Robert Kuwalek, one of Poland’s foremost Holocaust scholars, was found days after he had been reported missing in Ukraine.

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