Tunisian Jews Seek Place in New Democracy — as Tunisians

Tunisia’s small but robust Jewish community is finding its footing in the country’s new democracy. Some emphasize their roots but others want to stress shared Tunisian identity.


Rabbi Michael Broyde's Rapid Fall From Grace

Michael Broyde was once one of the most respected Modern Orthodox rabbis in the land. His reputation may be irrevocably tarnished by revelations that he used a fake identity for years.


Hasidic Fixer Key to Sprawling Corruption Probe — But Are They Dying Breed?

Mark Stern is the Hasidic ‘fixer’ at the center of a giant corruption sting. The power of behind-the-scenes middlemen is fading as ultra-Orthodox take baby steps into public life.


'Jewish' Breast Cancer BRCA Gene in Spotlight as Supreme Court Hears Case

Can human DNA be patented? The Supreme Court is hearing a case centering on the BRCA mutation, which can cause breast cancer and is common among Ashkenazi women.

Maine Rabbi's Injury Forges Remarkable Partnership Between 2 Branches of Faith

Rabbi Alice Goldfinger’s head injury changed her life forever. But it led to a remarkable bond with Rabbi Akiva Herzfeld, who allowed her to lead prayers in his Orthodox synagogue.

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