Would-Be Jewish Camp Molesters Get Video Warning — But What About Police?

A startling video bluntly orders would-be child molesters to stay away from Orthodox summer campers. Missing is any exhortation to report suspected abuse to the police.


Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform

The Jewish community has come together to push for immigration reform with a sense of purpose rarely seen on any issue other than support for Israel.


Jewish Federations Scramble To Save Funding as Obamacare Goes Into Effect

As the clock ticks toward the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act next year, Jewish federations, the largest Jewish stakeholders on the issue, are mobilizing their members to ensure that the historic health care reform does not hurt funding for communal health care institutions.

Jewish Groups Blast Top Court Over Decision on Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to strike down key elements of the Voting Rights Act touched a chord with the Jewish community which has been deeply supportive of the law.


Jewish Summer Camps Face Immigration Bill Fight

Immigration reform is more than legislating a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants and enhancing border security.

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