Iowa Town Settles Orthodox Landlord's Discrimination Suit

The city of Postville, Iowa, has settled a lawsuit charging it with discrimination against an Orthodox Jewish landlord who housed undocumented workers employed by the huge Agriprocessors kosher slaughterhouse.


Study Says Religious Victims Coped Better With 9/11 Attacks

Religious and spiritual people recovered faster from the trauma of the 9/11 attacks, a new study claims. Skeptics say a sense of community may be the determining factor.

Holocaust Survivors Angry About YIVO's Invitation to Lithuanian Official

YIVO has invited the Lithuanian foreign minister to an upcoming event. Is the Jewish research group whitewashing the Baltic nation’s mixed record on the Holocaust?


On Net, Virtual Mayors Stake Claim to Famed Jewish Spots

You get to be ‘mayor’ of a place on web site by checking in there regularly. We found some surprising mayors of famed spots associated with Jews.

Massive Demonstrations Draw 450,000 Across Israel

An estimated 450,000 Israelis marched in cities across the country as part of the ‘March of the Million,’ one of the biggest protests in the nation’s history.

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