Nechemya Weberman's Unique Band of Relatives

You think your family has issues? Nechemya Weberman’s cousins include an anti-Zionist who’s chummy with Iran and a ‘garbologist’ who picked through Bob Dylan’s trash.


Inside Hasidic Modesty Patrols

So-called modesty patrols were little known outside the Hasidic community. Their actions have loomed larger since the explosive trial of Nechemya Weberman.


Noah Pozner’s Family Remembers and Mourns

EXCLUSIVE: Noah Pozner’s family spent a week sitting shiva for the Newtown rampage victim. His mother called it a ‘waking nightmare’ but is buoyed by the outpouring of support.


Congress May Pull Plug on PLO Over Statehood

Looking to punish Palestinians over their statehood bid, Congressional supporters of Israel are seeking to shut down the PLO’s offices. But some say it’s just a stunt.


After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns

A new focus on gun control may bring Jews into a lead role as the nation debates federal measures to rein in mass murders at its malls and schools.

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