Romney Follows Well-Trodden Mormon Path

In visiting Israel, Mitt Romney is following a well-trodden path for his faith. Mormons are regular visitors to the Holy Land, though they vow not to prosletyze.


Ethiopian-Born Marathoner Runs for Israel

After becoming the first Israeli athlete to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games, Ethiopian-born Zohar Zemiro simply said: ‘It is the happiest moment in my life.’

Driving the Diva

Zipping around her Brooklyn neighborhood, Mindy Meyer talks about her gone-viral campaign for office and being an Orthodox woman getting into politics.


Even With Fame, Jason Lezak's a 'Mensch'

Jason Lezak, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, still stays active in the Jewish community in suburban Orange County, Calif., where he grew up.

Ms. Rosenthal Goes to Milwaukee

Hannah Rosenthal, America’s top official tasked with combating international anti-Semitism, is taking over the reins at the Milwaukee Jewish Federation.

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