Riverdale’s Jews Are Shaken but Stronger

Rabbi Judith Lewis of the Riverdale Temple asked the two conversion candidates about to enter the mikveh: Are you sure you want to do this?

Under Construction: The Touro Synagogue (center) is facing financial trou-bles even as work proceeds on the buildings for a multimillion dollar visitors center (left and right).

Touro Struggles With Its Historic Legacy

On a recent sun-washed Saturday morning, after the conclusion of Sabbath services at the historic Touro Synagogue, some 20 members gathered outside and gazed across a barren dirt patch toward where the Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Visitors Center — an immaculate new stone building and a peeling old wood frame house under renovation — is taking shape.

Elon: A national icon who fell out of step with Israeli society.

Appreciating Elon, The Writer Who ‘Put a Name on a Moment in History’

Amos Elon, the Israeli journalist and author who died in Italy on May 25 at age 82, was described for decades as Israel’s leading public intellectual — the writer who, more than any other, explained Israelis to themselves and to the world. And yet, he spent his final years in self-described “exile” in Italy, despairing of Israel’s future. His passing received more notice in Europe and America than in Israel.

Si Frumkin, 78, Soviet Jewry Activist

Leading Soviet Jewry and human rights activist Si Frumkin has died. Frumkin, who founded the Southern California Council for Soviet Jews in 1968 and helped make it a mainstream American cause, died May 15 after battling cancer. He was 78.

Conservatives Go to D.C.

Fashionably late, the Conservative movement is joining the growing world of Jewish advocacy in the nation’s capital.