Newcomers Transform Dying Upper Manhattan Synagogues Into Hot Spots

It looked like Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of Washington Heights wouldn’t make it to its 100th birthday. But an infusion of new blood has transformed the venerable shul — and others in Manhattan’s northermost tip.


Travel Agents Turn to Iran — and Find Plenty of Jewish Interest

Ask the State Department whether Americans should travel to Iran and you’ll get a negative answer. Yet tour operators have already started to capitalize on what could be a prime vacation site — and many of their clients are Jewish.


Searching for a Photo of Childhood Friend Lost in the Shoah

A Holocaust survivor spent decades looking for the friend she met and lost at Terezin concentration camp. Could a long-forgotten photo offer closure — 71 years later?

Will John Boehner Now Spill the Beans on Bibi Speech Drama?

John Boehner, the Republican from Ohio who is the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, is quitting politics. Now that he’s going, maybe Boehner may feel free to elaborate on his role in the secret that launched the ongoing U.S.-Israel crisis — and perhaps permanently changed the relationship between the two countries.


New Controversial Circumcision Rite Rules: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

New York City already stopped requiring mohels to obtain parental consent before performing metzitzah b’peh. Now officials aren’t even alerting doctors when they suspect that a rabbi has infected a baby with herpes.

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