Do U.S. Generals Have Pro-Arab Slant?

James Mattis is not the first general to voice concern about the impact of Israeli policies and U.S. support for Israel on American security interests.


Iceland's Handful of Jews Keep Faith Alive

Iceland has a community of about 100 Jews. And last year, roughly half of them gathered in a hall for Rosh Hashanah. Will they be back this year?


Israeli Attitudes Toward Arabs Soften — But the Feeling's Not Mutual

Despite widespread perceptions, Israeli Jews are becoming less antagonistic toward Israeli Arabs. So concludes a new survey — that also shows Arab attitudes hardening.


Mideast Mediator Martin Indyk Draws Ire From Both Sides of Israeli Spectrum

Martin Indyk is too hawkish for some and too tough on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for others. But that’s just what might make him the right mediator for the Mideast talks.


Holocaust Museum Turns 20 as Sara Bloomfield Ends Controversies

The U.S. Holocaust Museum is turning 20 with none of the unwelcome drama that marked its early years. Many credit the turnaround success to its unlikely leader, Sara Bloomfield.

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