Kotel Egalitarian Prayer Plan Set in Motion by Dramatic Western Wall Compromise

Natan Sharansky hoped to forge a deal to allow egalitarian prayer at Judaism’s holiest site. Dramatic compromises by key leaders of American Jewry made it a reality.


Sharansky To Propose Egalitarian Section at the Kotel

EXCLUSIVE: Natan Sharansky will propose expanding the Western Wall plaza to include an egalitarian prayer section. Will it be enough for women trying to pray at Judaism’s holiest site?


IRS Rules Permit Charities To Say Little About Money Sent Overseas

American charities were once forced to disclose basic information about grants they make overseas, such as supporting Israeli groups or illegal settlements. Not anymore.


David Stav Aims To Oust Haredim From Israeli Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Post

Israel’s Haredim have already been excluded from the new government. If David Stav gets his way, they will no longer control the rabbinate, either.


Jewish Republicans Dragged Into GOP Battle Between Tea Party and Moderates

A civil war is brewing in the Republican Party between moderates and Tea Party conservatives. The schism is also dividing Jewish GOP supporters.

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