End of Long Jewish Era for Garment Union

The annual commemoration of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist fire has long been a chance for the leaders of the old Jewish garment unions to come out and memorialize the Jewish roots of the labor movement.

Best Day: To Arieh Handler, the Israeli independence proceedings were the ?greatest day of my life.?

The Last Man To Bear Witness to Independence

On Yom Ha’atzmaut, several million Israelis will celebrate the 61st anniversary of their country’s Declaration of Independence. But only one of them was there for the actual event.

Empty Shelves: Clouds are reflected in the glass top of Micha Ullman?s 1995 pit sculpture, ?The Library.? The Holocaust memorial was built in Berlin on the site of a notorius 1933 Nazi book burning.

Art That Hints At Big Questions

Israeli sculptor Micha Ullman likes to refer to his art as “offerings” — works that people can choose to accept or not. He doesn’t believe in forcing anything on anyone, and especially not art.

‘American Idol’ Star’s Biblical Role

Panned for breaking nearly every theatrical commandment by, uh, everyone, the 2004 musical production “The Ten Commandments,” starring Val Kilmer and performed in Los Angeles, was tucked away where all bad performances go quietly to die: YouTube.

Survival of the Fittest: Producers of the Israeli version of ?Survivor? are considering various venues for the season finale.

Israeli ‘Survivor’: Next Stop, Masada?

Nearly two millennia after becoming the site of a mass Jewish suicide, the ancient fortress Masada might finally yield a “Survivor.”