Will Barack Obama's Speech Inspire a Generation of Israelis To Seek Peace?

Barack Obama’s speech energized young Israelis in a way not seen since the death of Yitzhak Rabin. Will they run with his agenda for new peace talks with the Palestinians?


Israel Vows To Draft Haredim, But Major Hurdles Remain

Israel’s new government says it has a plan to draft ultra-Orthodox men into the army. But any change won’t happen soon — if ever.


At Men's Only Seders, Challenges of Modern Jewish Man Are the Focus

All-male Seders conducted annually by the Men of Reform Judaism give participants a place to talk about the challenges faced by the modern Jewish man.


Miss Israel Titi Aynaw Gets 'Wildest Dreams' Meeting With Barack Obama

Miss Israel Titi Aynaw said ‘I’ll never forget’ meeting President Obama. He was pretty impressed too, complimenting the Ethiopian-born stunner on her looks — and height.


How Is the White House Seder Different From All Others?

The Obamas’ Seder is a little different from others — it includes a reading from the Emancipation Proclamation. And, of course, the Secret Service knows where the afikomen is hidden.

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