Israeli Tourist Arrested for Flying Drone Over Paris

An Israeli tourist was arrested and thrown in jail for flying a drone over Paris landmarks.

Needy Israeli Brides Find Wedding Day Nirvana Courtesy of Charities

Brides are a focal point for Israeli charities, which can be a godsend for poor women. But sometimes a bargain dress comes with ideological or sectarian strings attached.

Israel Luxe Hotel Boast Rooftop Sukkahs

Welcome to one of a dozen private sukkahs built on the porches of the five-star Inbal Hotel’s Penthouse Suites.

French Far Right Senator Has Jewish Roots

The 26-year-old son of a Jewish man is one of the first members of the far-right National Front party to be elected to France’s senate.


British Lawmaker Says Stunning Animals May Be Kosher

A British lawmaker who advises the government on meat production said he hoped to prove to Jews and Muslims that slaughtering with the stunning method is ultimately compatible with their faiths.

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