Resurrecting Woody

Woody Allen has been called many things — misogynist, self-hating Jew, quintessential New Yorker — but at least one label, narcissist, can now be staked on hard material evidence. Kaliningrad, a western Russian exclave that sits between Poland and Lithuania, may soon become the home of a statue bearing Allen’s likeness. And the statue will be based on input from Allen himself.


Mulching Your Already Read Forward

Here at the Forward, we get some interesting e-mails and letters from readers. But in early May we had a first: A reader wrote in, asking how to repurpose old issues of the paper.

A Lady in Word and Deed, Lady J Was Grandmother to All Britain’s Jews

In late April, my mother’s cell phone rang, and at the end of the line was a woman to whom she had never before spoken. This woman had heard my brother give a speech in a London synagogue and was impressed, so she simply “had” to track down my mother, call her and give her a chance to kvell. As a grandmother and great-grandmother of many, she regarded kvelling as a basic human right.

Campaign for Rubashkin Paints Another View of Kosher Meat Scandal

The viral video defending Sholom Rubashkin is a sleekly produced three minutes. A young, clean-shaven actor sits in a chair, facing a camera. A dramatic score plays under his monologue, which relates a reasonable narrative.


All the News Iran Sees Fit To Broadcast Is Aired on Press TV

It is the news Americans seldom encounter: a lead news brief about a U.S. Army captain convicted of theft in Iraq; a study showing an increase in child-abuse cases in America, and an otherwise unreported offer from Iran to help the United States contain the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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