The Oprah Effect Strikes Again

The so-called Oprah Effect has worked its magic on a beauty company based in Tel Aviv.

Albom Gets the Hebrew Treatment

They’ll laugh. They’ll cry. They might even get a hug from the author.

Obama on Israel: ‘No Wedge Will Be Driven Between Us’

Responding to concerns of the Jewish community over pressuring Israel’s government, President Obama has written a letter to Jewish leaders, assuring them that special relations between the United States and Israel will not change.

Holocaust Remembrance at a Distance

A video playing on a loop at an exhibition of Julie Mauskop’s paintings shows her grandmother frying eggs. It could be any morning of any day. There is nothing significant about the moment, beyond its utter normalcy. And that’s the point.

Strain in U.S.-Israel Ties Spurs Anxiety About ‘Dual Loyalty’

Dual loyalty is an old and nefarious accusation. It has dogged Jews for centuries in any land where they settled and began to feel comfortable — the allegation that their allegiance is to their tribe first and not to their nation.

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