Quinoa, Trendy South American Grain, May Not Be Kosher for Passover

The South American grain quinoa is trendy. But the Orthodox Union will not certify it as kosher for Passover because it looks similar to grains proscribed on the holiday.


American Jews Launch Protests for Women's Right To Pray at Western Wall

The issue of women’s right to pray at the Western Wall has spawned arrests and protests in Jerusalem. Now, American Jews are joining the fight.


Is Sara Netanyahu the Erratic Power Behind Bibi's Throne?

The sheer dress Sara Netanyahu wore to the Knesset drew catty barbs. But serious critics question whether the Israeli First Lady has too much power over her Prime Minister husband.


AIPAC Tries to Brand Israel as Liberal Cause

AIPAC has spent years reaching out to conservatives. In the age of Obama, the Israel lobby is seeking support from liberals and a broader cross-section of Americans.


Yeshiva Staffers Back Easing Restrictions on Child Sex Abuse Claims

A proposed New York law would ease restrictions on child sexual abuse cases. Yeshiva U. could be the target of such suits, yet a professor and a rabbi say it’s the right thing to do.

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