Susan Rice Wins Over Israel Supporters

Susan Rice was once viewed with suspicion by Jewish leaders and Israel backers. Four years of loyal work at the U.N. has earned their support as she aims to become Secretary of State.


Chicago Hillel Feud Scraps Traditional Food 'Fight'

A nasty feud is continuing between a former Hillel director at the University of Chicago and his old bosses. The latest casualty? An annual latkes-vs.-hamentashen debate.

Cuba Poised To Make Statement on Fate of Alan Gross

Cuban officials plan to make a statement this morning about the fate of Alan Gross, a Jewish contractor held in a Cuban jail for almost three years.


Memories of Jews Linger in Rubble of Syria's Ruined Second City

Aleppo was once Syria’s second-largest city, storied for its ethnic diversity, including a large Jewish quarter. It’s now a pockmarked jumble of cratered ruins.

Food Stamps Cuts Could Hit Jews Hard

Congress is pushing for deep cuts in food stamps. The cutbacks would hit Jews hard, especially in Hasidic communities where a third of children live in poverty.

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