Jewish Women Call Angelina Jolie Inspiration for Breast Cancer Surgery

Jewish breast cancer ‘previvors’ and health advocates hailed Angelina Jolie for going public with her BRCA1 gene mutation — and decision to have surgery.

Philadelphia Jewish Federation Faces Crisis as Ira Schwartz Abruptly Leaves

Philadelphia has the sixth largest Jewish community in the nation, thriving synagogues, and a major rabbinical seminary. Why is its federation in constant state of leadership flux?


Claims Conference Officials Were Told of Massive $57M Fraud — But Didn't Act

Top officials at the Holocaust Claims Conference professed shock about a massive fraud scheme. But they were told about the scam nearly a decade earlier — and failed to stop it.

African Island's Lost Jewish Heritage

A Portuguese rabbi and a Moroccan diplomat stood shoulder to shoulder in a Catholic cemetery here while 200 mourners howled in grief as they buried a resident of this island off the western coast of Africa.

Modern-Day Rabbi Must Be CEO, Teacher and Spiritual Leader at Once

The rabbi of today must be a shrewd entrepreneur, media-savvy speaker and compassionate spiritual healer. Are seminaries preparing the next generation for the demands they face?

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