Mahmoud Abbas Builds $13M Presidential Palace

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly having a $13-million luxurious presidential palace built near Ramallah despite his government facing a $2-billion deficit.


Reading the Talmud in a Most Unlikely Place — Iran's Holy City

Larry Cohler-Esses journeyed to Qom expecting to find mosques and universities steeped in Sharia law. He found a small but vibrant Jewish studies department that is almost unknown outside of the Islamic Republic.


Henry Bialowas, Fashion Maven and Gute Neshomeh, Dies at 98

Henry Bialowas died on Saturday, age 98. Sam Norich writes there’s no reason you should recognize his name, but if you knew him, you would miss him too..

Pew Study Finds Orthodox Similar to Evangelical Christians — Not Other Jews

The groundbreaking Pew study has released a new data-driven portrait of the Orthodox in America. It shows that they resemble evangelical Christians in many ways — and spotlights the wide gap between them and more liberal members of the tribe.


3 Iran Deal Opponents Call for More Civil Debate

Three New York Democratic lawmakers called for more substance and fewer personal attacks in the debate on the agreement over Iran’s nuclear program.

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