New Israel Fund Sharpens Elbows for Fight With Right

In a strategic shift, the New Israel Fund is arming itself with a set of sharp political tools and picking a fight.


Kiev's Oldest Synagogue Hit by Firebomb

Kiev’s oldest synagogue was the target of a firebomb that burst into flames outside the building.

Chicago Teen Turns the Yellow Schoolbus Green

As a seventh-grader, Jonny Cohen would watch yellow school buses pass by and wonder if there might be a way to make them more energy efficient. Now he’s done just that.

Schustermans' Deep Roots in Oil Make Foundation Divestment Unlikely

The Jewish community’s largest family foundation has deep, ongoing ties to fossil fuel extraction. How will it react to the growing divestment campaign?


Jewish Lawmaker Resigns from Britain’s Parliament Over Sex Scandal

A Jewish lawmaker from Britain’s Tory party resigned after reports that he sent x-rated photos of himself to an undercover reporter posing as a female party activist.

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