Remembering Marla Gilson

In Washington, the value of people is all too often measured by how close they are to this senator or that one, or what office they hold in whichever administration is in power at the moment. Yet Marla Gilson wasn’t a senator, Cabinet secretary or billionaire. Completely down to earth, she was never wearing the sparkliest outfit in the room.

Exploring Ties Between Halacha and Shariah

Jewish and Muslim experts on traditional religious law met to compare the two codes. They discovered their faiths leave more room for cooperation than many thought.


Top Cardinal Claims Jews Want Sainthood for Nazi-Era Pope

Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Pope’s top liaison to Jewry, claimed Jews support sainthood for Nazi-era Pope Pius XII. In U.S. debut, he also called the cross ‘the definitive Yom Kippur.’


Crackdown on Child Sex Abuse Unravels

Brooklyn prosecutor Charles Hynes vowed to send a message with the child abuse conviction of Baruch Lebovits. Now, he is free on bail and the case against him lies in tatters.


Online Petition For Rubashkin Gains Steam

The White House promised responses to online petitions. Along with pot and UFO’s, President Obama now has to decide whether to free kosher meat man Sholom Rubashkin.

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