Polish MP Calls For End to Jewish World War II Property Restitution

Polish MP Slawomir Kopycinski called for the shuttering of the Regulatory Commission for Jewish Communities, a Polish body that restores property owned by Holocaust victims to its legal heirs.

New Zealand Commitment to Israel Fades Among 7,000 Jews

In one of the farthest corners of the Diaspora, Zionism has fallen “out of fashion” to the detriment of the “struggling” Jewish community.


Torah Scholars Seek Original Version of Bible — But Does It Exist?

Some say the Torah is riddled with corruptions and alterations. Now an international team of scholars is working to fix all that.


Local Chaos and Crime Drive Aliyah Numbers From Ukraine

Chaos and criminal activity in eastern Ukraine are causing anxiety and increased emigration by Ukrainian Jews, leaders of that community said.

Canada To Extradite Suspected Synagogue Arsonist to France

A Canadian court upheld a ruling ordering the extradition of an Ottawa professor to France, where he is suspected of taking part in a 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue that killed four people.

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