Is Everyone Happy?: A new initiative aims to protect workers at kosher restaurants like Your Heights Cafe.

Orthodox Group Stirs Pot With New Kosher Ethics Seal

A new label just went up alongside the other colorful stickers and pamphlets adorning the window of Your Heights Café in northern Manhattan. It’s a seal with an image of clasped hands, and it was given out by a new organization looking to improve working conditions in New York’s kosher restaurants.

Wesleyan Shooter’s ‘Columbine’ Plan Spotlights Jewish Identity on Campus — Or Not

When the alleged murderer of Wesleyan University student Johanna Justin-Jinich shattered the idyllic calm of this leafy Connecticut campus, it was just the beginning of his plans, police say.

In Treatment: Nutritionist Michelle Gursky, left, works with Rachel Nathanson on addressing an eating disorder within an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle.

Painful Rituals: Program Treats Eating Disorders in Observant Women

The introduction of a new track for Orthodox Jewish women at Renfrew Center, a for-profit network of eating-disorder clinics, comes amid a burgeoning movement in the Orthodox community to increase awareness of eating disorders.

That IS how you say ?Hummus? in Arabic: Language instruction for the children of Abraham.

‘Shalom’ and ‘Salaam’: Day Schools Embrace Arabic

Outside their classroom window a beautiful spring afternoon is blooming, but a few students at Ramaz, a Modern Orthodox academy in Manhattan, have stayed after school for a foreign-language club.

A Tale of Two Pontiffs: Popes John Paul II (left) and Benedict XVI both spoke at Yad Vashem, but where the former won plaudits, the latter has been panned.

Pope’s Shoah Words: Did He Fall Short?

Former Israeli Ashkenazic chief rabbi Israel Meir Lau was among those who were critical of Pope Benedict XVI’s address at Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial. Below are the texts of the addresses the two pontiffs made at Yad Vashem, Benedict XVI on May 11, and John Paul II on March 23, 2000.