Will Pope Francis Recognize Palestine on Trip to Israel?

A tense atmosphere awaits Pope Francis on his trip to Israel. Will he recognize the State of Palestine? And how will he react to the recent spate of anti-Christian attacks?


Donald Sterling Rant Shine Unwelcome Light on Jewish Loan Societies

The saga of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling took yet another bizarre turn when he went on national television this week and started touting the virtues of Jewish mutual aid organizations.


Jewish Mother and Baby Attacked by Hate-Spewing Assailant in Paris

A woman assaulted a Jewish mother and her baby in Paris while shouting anti-Semitic slurs.


Does Intermarriage Drive Young Jews Away From Israel?

One in five young Jews are liberals who have only one Jewish parent. A new analysis of data from the Pew survey shows they are also likely to be alienated from Israel.


Twitter Is Platform of Choice for Anti-Semites as Hate Rises on Social Media

Twitter is the “weapon of choice” for bigots and racists, according to a new report on digital hate and intolerance released by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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