Why Were 'Selma' Jews Who Fought for Civil Rights Ostracized?

‘Selma’ depicts the time-honored heroism of the civil rights struggle. Why has the story of those Alabama Jews who were shunned for standing up for justice never been told?


How Mario Cuomo Won Over Both Orthodox and Secular Jews

Mario Cuomo managed to appeal to both Orthodox and secular Jews. He was a natural liberal but learned as a teenage ‘shabbos goy’ about the vulnerability of being observant.


Israel 'Deeply Disappointed' at French U.N. Vote for Palestinian Statehood Deadline

Israel’s government said it was “deeply disappointed” in France’s U.N. Security Council vote for Palestinian statehood.

Israeli Television Hitmakers Take Hollywood by Storm — Eye Global Market

Which Israeli industry is bucking boycotts to go global in a big way? Television hitmakers are making waves in Hollywood and even gaining a quiet foothold in the Muslim world.

Israel Immigration Hits 10-Year High Mark

Aliyah reached a ten-year high in Israel in 2014 with about 26,500 new immigrants.

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