Young Jews More Interested in Israel: Poll

Young Jews are more attached to Israel than the previous generation, a new poll reveals. This may be due to the effects of travel to Israel, but they have a nuanced view of the dispute with the Palestinians.


Israelis Head to London With High Hopes

Israeli athletes are heading to London hoping to make it the sixth straight summer Olympic Games with at least one medal. There will be 38 of them competing in 18 events.

Will Schechter Schools Leave Conservatives?

The Schechter schools network may leave its parent organization. The educational pillar of Conservative Judaism is grappling with shrinking enrollment and shuttered schools.


East Jerusalem Suffers Economic Tailspin

Thanks to Israeli checkpoints and a separation barrier, East Jerusalem is virtually cut off from its customer base. The result is a seemingly endless economic tailspin.


Presbyterians Split on Israel Boycott

Presbyterians voted against divestment by a slim margin. But then they agreed to support a boycott of products made in Israeli settlements on the West Bank.

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