Fenced In: Pinny, who asked that his identity be shielded, shared his story of abuse after years of painful silence. He had built ?a gate around himself,? said a friend, who finally was able to help.

One Man’s Harrowing Path from Abuse to Survival

One Friday night last November, after saying Kiddush and putting his children to bed, Pinny clicked the send button on his e-mail and turned to the work of killing himself.

Jewish Identity: March of the Living participants visiting Auschwitz in April, as part of a tour of Nazi death camps in Poland before they fly to Israel.

Religious Zionists Challenge March of the Living’s Value

It looked like a sight certain to delight every Religious Zionist. Just after midday April 29, Israel Independence Day, 3,000 flag-waving Jewish youngsters, many of the boys wearing yarmulkes, marched to the Western Wall from central Jerusalem.

Crossing the Aisle: Arlen Specter?s conversion haunts GOP.

Jewish Senator Converts but New Political Faith in Question

Arlen Specter — once a Republican, now a Democrat — has long been one of Israel’s stalwarts in the Senate, serving on the critical operations committee, which writes the foreign aid spending bills. The “Jewish kid from Kansas,” as he called himself while standing next to President Obama on April 29, has taken his role as the senior Republican Jew in the U.S. Senate very seriously.

Logical trap: Both critics and supporters of the harsh interrogation of U.S. detainees, such as this one in Guantanamo, have cited Israel?s torture policy.

On Torture, Israel Is Symbol to Both Sides

With President Obama’s recent release of four classified Bush Justice Department memos sanctioning what most observers call torture, it was almost inevitable that Israel’s experience would soon become part of the debate.

Hopes Dashed as Obama Avoids Calling Mass Killings of Armenians ‘Genocide’

This year, on Armenian Remembrance Day — when the mass killing of more than 1 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire is commemorated — Armenian-American activists had high hopes that a president who ran on a message of change would indeed change the pattern of previous administrations. That is, they hoped President Obama would use the term “genocide” to describe the human tragedy that occurred nearly a century ago.