Logical trap: Both critics and supporters of the harsh interrogation of U.S. detainees, such as this one in Guantanamo, have cited Israel?s torture policy.

On Torture, Israel Is Symbol to Both Sides

With President Obama’s recent release of four classified Bush Justice Department memos sanctioning what most observers call torture, it was almost inevitable that Israel’s experience would soon become part of the debate.

Hopes Dashed as Obama Avoids Calling Mass Killings of Armenians ‘Genocide’

This year, on Armenian Remembrance Day — when the mass killing of more than 1 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire is commemorated — Armenian-American activists had high hopes that a president who ran on a message of change would indeed change the pattern of previous administrations. That is, they hoped President Obama would use the term “genocide” to describe the human tragedy that occurred nearly a century ago.

Even-Handed: South African jurist Richard Goldstone earlier headed his country?s Truth and Reconciliation Commission inquiry on apartheid.

Israel Near Nixing UN Probe On Gaza Headed By Sympathetic Jewish Jurist

In the past, when Israel blocked United Nations inquiries into its actions, it could sometimes point to the pro-Palestinian sympathies of those doing the probing.

Leaders: JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen, left, and Yeshiva University President Richard Joel.

In Jewish Education, Deep Cuts Shape New Landscapes

As the current economic downturn becomes the longest since the Great Depression, a series of painful cuts at America’s flagship institutions of Judaic scholarship have produced a new and uncomfortable reality: Jewish higher education is shrinking.

Best Actor: Ulrich Tukur plays John Rabe in the German film of the same name.

‘China’s Oskar Schindler’ Takes German Oscar

A movie about “China’s Oskar Schindler” claimed the top prize at the recent German Film Awards.