Christian Backers of Israel Reach Out to Blacks

Evangelical Christians have adopted Israel as an important cause. Now, both they and Israel?s traditional supporters are reaching out to African-Americans.


Romney Finds Mainstream Niche

Mitt Romney has cultivated an image as an establishment figure in the Republican Party. That?s helped him lock up Jewish support and money for 2012.


Business Students Get View of Protests

As protests engulfed the streets of Tel Aviv, a small group of American Jewish students witnessed the commotion from a unique vantage point: the Israeli business world.

After Release, Gilad Shalit Faces Struggle

Gilad Shalit is free after five years of captivity. Experts and POW’s who have been in his shoes say it won’t be easy for him to return to any sort of normal life.


Walking Streets of Jaffa to Promote One-State Solution

Jews lived in peace in Jaffa for centuries alongside Muslims and Christians. Despite recent sectarian attacks there, some see the city as a model for a ‘one-state’ solution to Israel’s problems.

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