Israel Improves Human Trafficking Record

Crackdowns on pimps and forced labor have helped Israel improve on a U.S. ranking of how well countries are addressing human trafficking issues.


Jewish Groups Grab Huge Share of Grants

Jewish groups were awarded a staggering 97% of the cash doled out to non-profits by the Department of Homeland Security, raising new questions about the program.


Presbyterians Move Toward Israel Divestment

The Presbyterian church is on the brink of approving a long-debated measure to divest church funds from three companies that do business with Israel.


Eric Garcetti Embodies L.A. Melting Pot

Eric Garcetti touts his mixed Jewish and Latino roots as he runs for mayor of Los Angeles. It can’t hurt in a town where half the population is Hispanic and Jews cast nearly 20% of votes.


Shamir Was Man of Few Words

When Yitzhak Shamir was Israel’s prime minister, he treasured a painting of the famed three monkeys: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

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