Escape: A group of Yemeni Jews arrived in Israel in February after a rescue mission whisked them out of the Arabian peninsula.

Secret Yemen Rescue Imperiled by Communal Turf Battles

A secret and delicate operation to evacuate a substantial portion of Yemen’s tiny and beleaguered Jewish population has been thrust into public view and put at risk by infighting among rival Jewish organizations. In the wake of disclosures in the Israeli newspaper Maariv, the organizations involved are now accusing one another of endangering Jewish lives.

Washington Braces To Greet Lieberman as Foreign Minister

Israel’s choice for its new top diplomat — controversial politician Avigdor Lieberman — can expect a businesslike welcome from America’s foreign-policy community.

Acceptence: Israeli President Shimon Peres (center) holds hands with Black Hebrews leader Ben Ammi Ben-Israel (in red) at an event at the group?s Village of Peace in Dimona, where Peres celebrated his 85th birthday in August.

Once Reviled, Black Hebrews Now Fêted

Elyahkeem Ben Yehuda could have become another statistic, growing up poor, black and fatherless on the west side of Chicago during the 1950s.

Debate Over ‘Israel Lobby’ Clout Returns

The fight is over. Chas Freeman, the outspoken Israel critic appointed to chair the National Intelligence Council, is out. And now, both sides in the explosive firefight that broke out over his appointment are battling to frame the narrative over what it all meant.

Survival: Jeremy Ben-Ami, executive director of J Street.

Advocacy Operations Spared Amid Crash

The plunging stock market and the Bernard Madoff scandal have ensured that ‘Help Wanted’ signs are a rarity in the Jewish communal world these days. In the past few weeks, some of the largest charities have slashed their staffs – most recently, it was the Union for Reform Judaism and the UJA-Federation of New York.