Jared Rosenthal Offers DNA Tests on The Go

It may look like Jared Rosenthal is cruising around New York City in an oversized ice cream truck, but the 45-year-old entrepreneur is offering DNA tests to confirm paternity and other biological connections.

A Jewish Journalist's Exclusive Look Inside Iran

FORWARD EXCLUSIVE: Larry Cohler-Esses traveled to Iran on the first journalism visa granted to a Jewish publication since 1979. What he found is a country on the brink of change — but the final outcome remains uncertain.


Is Jonathan Pollard's Release Bad for the Jews?

While many American Jews are celebrating the upcoming release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, some are still bitterly reflecting on the consequences of his arrest.


Can Israel Help California Solve Its Drought Problem?

In light of the drastic water shortage plaguing California, Madison Margolin writes that the Golden State can look to Israel — where vineyards sprout from deserts — for inspiration.


French Jews Find Haven From Anti-Semitism in Deauville —  But Will It Last?

With anti-Semitism on the rise in Paris, Deauville in recent years has also become a haven for French Jews — a place where they can tend to their Shabbat and holiday routines without worrying.

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