Solidarity: Rabbi Asher Lopatin has worked with pro-union Jewish groups on the Congress Hotel strike.

Orthodox, and Sticking With the Union

Recent controversies about labor issues in the Jewish community have often become battles between non-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews. At the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, this paradigm seems to hold, with rabbis from more liberal denominations protesting the Orthodox Jewish owners of the hotel.


Terror Case Stirs Debate On Informants at Mosques: Essential Or Intrusive?

Four men suspected of terrorist activities. Four men arrested, caught in the very act. On the surface, it seemed like a seamless maneuver, a textbook exercise in counterterrorism that nabbed four Newburghß, N.Y. men suspected of plotting to blow up two synagogues in the Riverdale section of the Bronx and shoot down military planes


New Converso Rabbi Hopes To Help Others Follow His Jewish Path

Of all the rabbis ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary on May 21, few have journeys to the rabbinate quite as unlikely as Juan Mejia.

Cordesman: Former McCain adviser co-authored report.

Latest Study Supports View That Iran Attack Unlikely To Work

As Israel continues to proclaim its readiness to launch a military attack on Iran should American diplomacy fail to stop Tehran’s drive for nuclear capabilities, an increasing number of analysts and some political leaders are publicly questioning Jerusalem’s confident portrayal of its chance for military success.

A time to tear Down, A time to Build Up: Shortly after it was demolished by the Israeli mili-tary, settlers rebuild an illegal outpost in the West Bank on May 24.

Key Lawmakers Are Opposing Israeli Policy On Settlements

For the first time in America’s decades of jousting with Israel over West Bank settlements, an American president seems to have succeeded in isolating the settlements issue and disconnecting it from other elements of support for Israel.