Detroit Ranks Tops on Jewish Affordability List

The Detroit metro area, whose northwest suburbs host a panoply of Jewish amenities, is the most affordable place in the United States to raise a “committed Jewish family,” at least according to one graduate student’s admittedly “back-of-the-napkin” calculations.

Performance Artist Convicted for Nude Eiffel Tower Rooster Show

A South African performance artist who tied a live rooster to his penis during an impromptu open-air show near the Eiffel Tower was found guilty on Monday of “sexual exhibitionism”, but the Paris court did not impose a sentence, prosecutors said.

How Murder of Esther Lebowitz Changed Jewish Baltimore Forever

It’s been 45 years since 11-year-old Esther Lebowitz was murdered, but Baltimore Jews still remember. Now, they’re mobilizing to prevent the killer from winning a retrial.

British 'Bloody Jew' Lawmaker Quits in Scandal

A British lawmaker who was caught on camera describing an Israeli soldier as a “bloody Jew” resigned in the wake of a corruption scandal.


Can Met Council on Jewish Poverty Recover From William Rapfogel Scandal?

William Rapfogel was the face of the Met Council — and now he’s going to prison for fraud. Can the anti-poverty group rebound from his disgraceful departure?

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