Web Chat: Statehood Bid

Thanks for participating in our conversation. Read on to find out how Hussein Ibish and Yossi Klein Halevi responded to questions from Forward and Guardian readers.


Turkish Jews Voice Wary Confidence About Future

Turkey’s 23,000 Jews have repeatedly been targeted by terrorists. Despite the their government’s feud with Israel, most say they feel a powerful bond to their homeland.


American Billionaires Spark Israeli Media Furor

Billionaires Sheldon Adelson and Ronald Lauder play an ever-greater role in Israel’s media. Does their growing muscle threaten press freedom and journalistic ethics?


Koch Takes a Victory Lap on N.Y. Congressional Race

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch voiced deep satisfaction over the GOP win in Anthony Weiner’s old district, and called the vote a wake-up call for President Obama.


Echoes of Jewish Back-to-Land Movement Under Utah's Big Sky

A century ago, Jews set up a farming colony in central Utah in hopes of escaping from tenement life. Little remains except for a few headstones, and the memories of descendants.

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