Shouting 'Palestine,' Driver Plows Car Into French Crowd

A French motorist reportedly shouted “This is in the name of the children of Palestine” as he slammed his car into crowds in eastern France.


The Last Jewish Lox Slicer at Zabar’s

Len Berk is the last Jewish lox slicer at Zabar’s, the iconic Manhattan delicatessen. At 84, the former accountant still sees the sensual side of smoked salmon.


With Elections Looming, Tunisia Is an Arab Spring Success Story — For Now

With Tunisians gearing up for their first presidential election, Jews and Muslims met to hash out their complicated relationship on the ancient island of Djerba.


‘Homely’ Ancient Rock Boost King David’s Claim to Existence

What’s significant about this stone on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an inscription, which is the earliest extra-biblical reference to King David.


How Russian Jews Fell in Love With Reform Movement in Israel

Russian immigrants to Israel went from an atheist country to an Orthodox one. Why would they flock to the Reform movement, the most American of Jewish streams?

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