Not Your Grandmother’s Jewish Music

‘When people say ‘Jewish music,’ people often think of Eastern European klezmer. But that’s just a slice of the world of Jewish music,” said Aaron Lightstone, leader of the Toronto-based world fusion band Jaffa Road. “We’re hopefully representing a different slice.”

At Berkeley, Divestment Vote Divides Students, Draws Veto

A last-minute veto by the president of the student government at the University of California, Berkeley appears to have foiled a rare campus victory for proponents of divestment efforts targeting Israel. A week earlier, the student senate had approved a resolution calling on the school to divest from corporations deemed to support the Israeli military, the West Bank separation barrier and settlement building.


Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: An Indelible Memory, Etched In Chalk

Lectures and performances around New York on March 25 will mark the 99th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, one of the worst workplace disasters in New York City history.

Amid Public Clash, U.S. Moves Israel Closer to Talks

Under the klieg lights, American officials calmly repeated their opposition to key policies of Israel’s current government. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu snorted defiance in the face of the American warnings. And nothing appeared to change.

What About St. Peter? Galilee Fishing Banned

Israel will soon ban one of the Galilee’s most ancient professions: fishing on the Kinneret.

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