Israel Studies: Scholarly Pursuit or Public Diplomacy?

At the annual conference of the Association for Israel Studies, which took place in Toronto in early May, one of the first sessions was titled “State-Minority Relations.” Two of the panelists presenting papers on the topic were Ilan Peleg, a professor of government and law at Lafayette College, and Dov Waxman, a young associate professor at Baruch College. The third was Amal Jamal, a tall, elegantly dressed Israeli-Arab professor of political science at Tel Aviv University, who was going to speak on the “disillusionment of citizenship.”


New Kind of Passion in an ‘Alpine Jerusalem’

It was during the intermission in Oberammergau’s controversial, once-in-a-decade Passion play that I met Jesus for a cup of coffee.


The ‘Jewish Establishment’ Won’t Respond to Beinart, But Others Do

It is an essay that has lit up the blogosphere. And the reason is at least as much because of who wrote it as because of what he wrote. Yet the specific targets of his criticism remain silent.


What’s Behind White House Strategy To Woo U.S. Jews

As the Obama administration’s charm offensive toward the Jewish community enters its second month, a clearer picture is emerging of the White House’s strategy for recouping lost ground with American Jews on Israel.

A Library Welcomes Israel’s Outsiders

On a sunny Sunday afternoon early in May, 5-year-old Danielle Fabicanas looked on with excitement as an amazing transformation took place in Lewinsky Park, an expanse of concrete and grass known in this city as a hangout for drug pushers and addicts.

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