Yes You Can: Own Sammy Davis Jr.?s menorah for $15,000.

Menorah Illuminates Davis Jr.’s Judaism

If you want to buy Sammy Davis Jr.’s menorah when goes up for auction next month, it will cost you a bit more than a song.


Conservative Jews Decry Bias in IDF

When Gabrielle Pollack sought to say kaddish for her recently deceased grandmother, the young female soldier found that in the Israeli Army, it can be daunting to be a Conservative Jew.

Homesh sweet Homesh: A rally by settlement activists at the evacuated outpost of Homesh on May 12 drew support from four of Netanyahu?s five coalition partners

Bibi Backers Push to Rebuild Settlements

It was not only Barack Obama who was bringing demands to bear upon Benjamin Netanyahu.

Popper: His stories on kosher meat industry won top honors.

Popper Wins Journalism Award

Nathaniel Popper, the Forward’s senior writer, was honored with a Deadline Club award for his coverage of illegal labor practices in the kosher meat industry.

Dedicated: Wiener carried on Jewish tradi-tion in education.

New York’s First Flu Victim Was a ‘Wonderful Role Model’

Mitchell Wiener, a Queens public school administrator and beloved member of that New York borough’s Jewish community, died May 17 of complications from swine flu — the first person in New York State and sixth in the United States to die from the flu strain now spreading around the world.