Should U.S. Block Charity Aid to Israeli Settlers?

One Jewish activist wants to see Israeli settler organizations lose their tax-exempt status. Why don’t leaders from other dovish groups agree?


For Many Converts, Bumpy Road to Mikveh Only Beginning of Woes

The road to conversion can be long and difficult. But newly minted Jews find the challenges hardly end when they step out of the mikveh.


101-Year-Old Florida Congressional Candidate Plans Early Bird Concession

Congressional longshot Joe Newman already has a ‘congrats to the winner’ letter written and his concession party planned. It’s easy to be a good loser when you’re 101 years old.

North London Bus Rider Gets 16 Weeks for 'Burn the Jews' Rant

A passenger on a London bus who shouted anti-Semitic epithets was given a 16-week prison sentence.

Sheldon Adelson Is a Philanthropist Like No Other

Sheldon Adelson is known as a Republican mega-donor, but he’s also a philanthropist unlike any other. We map his vast network of Jewish and pro-Israel investments.

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