Israel Was 'Key' Issue in Caterpillar Dump

A corporate ratings agency cited Israel as a ‘key’ reason that Caterpillar was dumped from its socially responsible stock index. The move handed a big victory to boycott Israel activists.


Anti-Islamic Activist Blocked From L.A. Speech

A speech by anti-Islamic activist Pamela Geller was abruptly cancelled by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, prompting a protest.


Take My iPad, Please!

Gadgets that were meant to make lives easier now shackle us to work and keep us from loved ones. Naomi Zeveloff asks whether Sabbath rules for avoiding technology could be a path forward.


For Ex-Orthodox, More Than a Game

Sports is often forbidden among the ultra-Orthodox. So for young people who leave the community, simply kicking a ball in the park is a serious act of rebellion.


Ordeal Over, Shalits Move On

Gilad Shalit was gone again. But instead of languishing in a Hamas dungeon, he was covering the NBA Finals. And his father, Noam, is running for a seat in the Knesset.

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