Zionist Group's Vote Could Bare Israel's Secret Funding of Settlements

Israel has long used the main world Zionist group to funnel funds to West Bank settlements. Will leaders soon close the loophole that allows the cash to flow without scrutiny?


First 21 Sephardic Jews Move Towards Portugal Citizenship

The government of Portugal published its procedure for handling applications for citizenship based on the country’s law of return for descendants of Sephardic Jews.


Russian Jews Worry for Future After Killing of Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov

During the past two years, Dima Zicer has skipped several political rallies opposing the chauvinistic policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Netanyahu and White House Seek to Lower Flames as Speech to Congress Looms

As Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress nears, both Israel and the White House have sought to take the edge off their feud — starting with the prime minister’s speech to AIPAC.


What's Behind Bill de Blasio's Concern For European Jews?

Bill de Blasio seems to be spending a lot of time worrying about European Jews. Those close to the New York mayor say his concern is genuine —  but it’s also smart politics.

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