Advocates for Religious Pluralism in Israel Buoyed by Election Results

Proponents of religious pluralism in Israel are in a jubilant mood these days. They believe the surprise results of the elections may lead to greater acceptance of non-Orthodox Judaism.


Brooklyn College Blasted for Sponsoring Boycott Israel Event

In a January 31 letter, the congress members and mayoral candidates decried the department’s co-sponsorship of the February 7 event and urged its withdrawal “rather than send the message to [Brooklyn College] students and to the world that the divisive perspective offered by the organizing groups is Brooklyn College’s official view. “

Jewish Big Easy's Back — In Time for Super Bowl

Jews say the Big Easy is back — and the Super Bowl proves it. The community is larger than it was before Hurricane Katrina struck, and it’s thriving like never before.

Ed Koch, New York Legend, Dies at 88

Ed Koch, who died this morning, served three terms as mayor of New York City, leaving a proud legacy of administration and a deep connection to the Jewish community and Israel.


What Happens When Jewish Law Hampers the Disabled?

What happens when Halacha interferes with observance? Rabbinical students in Manhattan struggled with several disability-related dilemmas at a ground-breaking conference.

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