Closing Arguments Made in New Square Hasidic Abuse Trial

Did a respected Hasidic educator shamelessly abuse a boy for five years — or is his accuser a liar? A judge will decide after both sides made their closing arguments in a riveting trial.


13 Undecided Democrats To Watch on the Iran Deal

Now that a nuclear deal with Iran has been brokered, the drama has moved to Congress. All eyes are on Chuck Schumer — but here are 12 other Democrats who could determine whether the Senate blocks the agreement.


Will Washington Think Tank Swing Iran Debate — and Which Way?

Think tanks rarely take center stage in knock-down Washington D.C. fights. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy has already played an outsized role in the Iran nuclear debate — and its verdict on the agreement could swing the vote in Congress.


Woman Who Left Hasidic Community Jumps to Death From Rooftop Bar

Faigy Mayer, 30, was a promising tech entrepreneur who left the Hasidic world, but also grappled with depression. She plunged 20 stories to her death from a rooftop bar in Manhattan’s trendy Flatiron District.


Is There a Brighter Future for Reform Judaism in Israel?

Judaism’s most liberal movement faces slights from Orthodox officials and skepticism from secular Israelis in its quest for authenticity in the Jewish state. Can it reinvent itself — and grow its numbers?

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