Canada's Lev Tahor Settle in Guatemala

Members of the haredi Orthodox sect Lev Tahor are slowly leaving Canada for Guatemala, effectively ending the group’s tumultuous situation in Quebec and Ontario.

Hundreds of Israel-Bound Jews Say Adieu to France

Hundreds of soon-to-be immigrants to Israel gathered at one of the French capital’s largest synagogues for a sendoff ceremony celebrating their departure.


After 20 Years, Mourning for Chabad Rebbe Takes on Orderly Rhythm

20 years after Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s death, Hasidic followers still throng to visit his tomb. It’s a shrine that those who thought he was the Messiah shun.

Poland Remembers Shoah in New Ways

Two very different events, hundreds of miles apart, demonstrated the wide range of ways in which the memory of Jews and the Holocaust are commemorated in Poland.


Hobby Lobby Supreme Decision Splits Jews Along Denomination Lines

Two decades ago the Jewish community united in support of landmark religious freedom legislation. Now the Supreme Court’s application of that law has Jewish groups divided.

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