Gaga Goes Mainstream as Israeli Dodgeball Game Becomes Fad

Gaga, an addictive Israeli dodgeball-style game, is spreading from Jewish summer camps and day schools to the rest of America. Plus, it’s a great workout

Florida Police Release Video in Mysterious Murder of Jewish Snowbirds

More than month after the murder of two Jewish retirees from Toronto in their Florida townhouse, police have released a video recording that could shed some light on the mysterious slayings.

Heartless Thieves Steal Torah Scrolls From Bronx Synagogue

A Bronx synagogue suffered a grievous blow when thieves stole three Torah scrolls. The theft was particularly disturbing to Rukhl Schaechter because it was her childhood shul.


Black Market for Jewish Grave Sites Grows on Web

Jewish cemetery grave sites are being hawked at bargain basement prices on Craigslist and in newspaper classified ads — even though state laws bar the sales.

Orthodox Jew and Black Republican Tim Scott Make Strange Political Bedfellows

On a Saturday night following Shabbat, Nick Muzin arrayed on his dining room table what would turn out to be the winning strategy to elect the first black Republican to Congress from South Carolina in more than a century. The next night at the same table in his Charleston, S.C., home, Muzin hosted his weekly Talmud class.

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