Did Hasidic Neighbor Start Sex Abuse Reign of Terror on September 11?

A man testified that he suffered years of child sexual abuse after visiting a respected member of his upstate New York Hasidic community for comfort on the day of the September 11 terror attacks.


Dutch Contractor Finds Hidden Holocaust Message Scrawled On Door

When contractor Jelle Kapitein set to work on a client’s bathroom door, he had no idea what lay behind the wooden panels. Written in thin black lettering was a message dated April 23, 1942.


Fired Worker Says She Blew Whistle on Fraud at Michigan College

Federal agents carted away boxes of documents in a raid on the Michigan Jewish Institute. A former worker says she was fired after she asked too many questions about the college, which enrolls mostly Israeli students who speak no English.

Are Christian Zionists the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Pro-Israel Room?

Christian Zionists are emerging as an increasingly powerful force in the pro-Israel world. Are their strident views pulling the lobby to the far right — and away from younger evangelicals?


Reconstructionists Open Door to Rabbis With Non-Jewish Partners — But at What Cost?

Reconstructionist congregations say they’re ready for their movement’s seminary to become the first rabbinical school to accept students with non-Jewish partners, yet the fallout from the expected change could still fracture the troubled denomination.

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