When a Synagogue Program May Be an Illegal Hostel

New York City’s lawyers doubt claims that the MacDougal Street Synagogue’s ‘illegal’ hostel, seen at left, is really a tolerance program.


New Hasidic Radicals Bellow Down Tel Aviv’s Streets

The Na Nach, a radical subgroup of Breslover Hasids, are a growing presence across Israel, and their public form of ecstatic prayer is yielding a mixed reaction.


Will Weiner’s Jewish District Hit The Political Chopping Block?

When it comes to Jewish interests, the question of Anthony Weiner’s political future may be less pressing than the question of what will happen to his district.


Rainbow Flags Aflutter, Orthodox Groups Enter a Float in Gay Pride Parade

Orthodox participation in Tel Aviv’s annual pride parade is emblematic of Israel’s growing community of Orthodox-identified out gays and lesbians.


Al Schwimmer, Father of Air Force

Al Schwimmer, a New York native whose actions were described by David Ben-Gurion as the Diaspora’s most important contribution to the survival of Israel, died June 11. He died on his birthday at age 94 in Tel Aviv.

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