Russian Art Exchanges Frozen Over Chabad Lawsuit

Art exchanges with Russia have been frozen over Chabad’s fight to recover a collection of 40,000 books and manuscripts. Why do the treasures have to leave Russia at all?


In Richmond and D.C., Synagogues Emptied After Temblor Struck

Jews in Washington D.C. and Richmond, Va., evacuated shuls and community centers. There were no reports of injuries. Luckily, one bris did not start until later in the day.


In Battle for Weiner's Seat, Support for Israel Looms Large

David Weprin seemed like a safe choice to fill the seat of scandal-tarred Rep. Anthony Weiner. Now, he’s locked in what could be a close race with support for Israel a key issue.

Rabbis Go Hollywood for High Holy Days Sermon Tips

Every rabbi wants a snappy sermon for the High Holy Days. And who knows drama better than the scriptwriters who keep you glued to ‘Mad Men’ or ‘The Simpsons’?


Beck Wows Faithful in First Israel Speech

The venue hosts some of the wildest concerts in Israel, but rarely sees a crowd as excitable as this one. This was no mere musical act, but the conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck.

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