Will Janet Yellen Be Bomb-Thrower at Federal Reserve?

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen wants to see U.S. wages climb at a much brisker clip to boost consumer spending and help workers recoup ground they lost in the last recession, but she’ll have to fend off policymakers who fear that could cause inflation to surge.

How World War I Shaped Jewish Politics and Identity

The spark that ignited World War I took place a century ago this week. Jews mostly did not support America’s entry into the first modern war — but they were profoundly shaped by it.


A Terrible Blood Bath

Forward editor Ab Cahan wrote: The great powers began a terrible blood bath. The war will be the most terrible, the worst in human history.

Zionism’s Victory and the Socialist Enlightenment of the Masses

If such news — that the land of Israel is going to be given to the Jews, had come 50 years ago, it would have made a totally different impression on the Jewish masses than it is making today.

This Is Not a War, But a Series of Pogroms

I’ve just returned to Berlin from a journey to Lodz and several other cities in Poland that are currently in German hands.

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