Rabbis Go Hollywood for High Holy Days Sermon Tips

Every rabbi wants a snappy sermon for the High Holy Days. And who knows drama better than the scriptwriters who keep you glued to ‘Mad Men’ or ‘The Simpsons’?


Beck Wows Faithful in First Israel Speech

The venue hosts some of the wildest concerts in Israel, but rarely sees a crowd as excitable as this one. This was no mere musical act, but the conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck.

Pressure Grows to Display George Washington's Famed Letter to Jews

An annual ceremony in Newport, R.I., commemorated George Washington’s famed letter to the Jews that promoted religious tolerance. One day soon, the original letter should be there for all to see.

In Crown Heights, Residents Still Cling to Their Grievances

CROWN HEIGHTS, 20 YEARS LATER. Though they share the neighborhood, blacks and Jews in Crown Heights still don’t see eye-to-eye about the riots. Or much else.


Bialy Store Closes After 91 Years

Coney Island Bialys & Bagels sits at the center of a storied district that once teemed with Jews. But after 91 years, the oldest bialy bakery in Brooklyn is calling it quits, having fallen victim to the economic downturn and the changing demographics of its neighborhood. “I’m heartbroken,” said Steven Ross, the bakery’s 51-year-old proprietor and baker. “It’s been four generations, including my son.”

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