At Kibbutz Near Gaza, Wounds Are Still Healing 1 Year After War

What happens when a Jewish community’s protectors become the victims of a Hamas mortar attack? At Kibbutz Nirim, grief-stricken families are still finding out one year after the Gaza war.


3 Israeli-American Children Sent to Juvenile Detention — for Refusing To Talk to Dad

Three Israeli-American siblings were sent to a Detroit area juvenile detention center for refusing to speak to their father, who is embroiled in a bitter custody battle with their mother. Did the judge step over the line?


Can Hillary Clinton Please Both Pro-Israel Megadonors and Democratic Grassroots?

Hillary Rodham Clinton is openly courting pro-Israel megadonors and vowing to help them fight the BDS movement. How will the Democratic frontrunner also please the party’s grassroots base, which is increasingly cool toward the Jewish state?


Leader of Christian Zionists Named Head of Campus Anti-BDS Group

Sheldon Adelson’s new anti-BDS campus operation has picked David Brog, the head of the largest Christian Zionist organization, as its first leader.


Israeli Cop Who Feuded With Rabbi Pinto Commits Suicide

The July 5 suicide of a top Israeli police official is the second high-profile death of a person in conflict with Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, the controversial and influential Israeli celebrity rabbi.

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