IDF, Passengers Differ on Aid Ship Treatment

Israel Defense Forces soldiers used excessive force while taking over a Gaza-bound aid ship organized by Jewish and Israeli activists, the boat’s passengers said on September 28, countering the military’s version, which said the takeover was uneventful.

In a Time of Terror, Soviet Jews Unfurled Their Courage

In this excerpt from his new book, “When They Come for Us, We’ll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle To Save Soviet Jewry” Gal Beckerman writes about an act of defiance that forced three high-profile refuseniks to fall victim to Soviet justice.

How Christian Are the Tea Party’s Political Candidates?

How should Jews respond to an angry movement whose candidates include full-throated supporters of Israeli West Bank settlements; others who would end foreign aid, including to Israel; one who excoriates church-state separation as a Nazi invention, and others who urge setting aside such divisive social issues to focus on fiscal conservatism and radical government cutbacks?

Synagogues Rarely Mention God in Appeals, Unlike Churches

Each year, during Kol Nidre, Sinai Temple in Los Angeles pauses in its prayers for a fundraising appeal. A few members rise to address the congregation, asking for donations while speaking about how the community has supported them through good times and bad. It’s a typical fundraising pitch for an American synagogue: Give because you’re a member of this community, and the community is there for you.

Rape Case Dropped, Rabbi Still Feels Tainted

The nightmare that began for Rabbi Bryan Bramly when he was arrested in his synagogue parking lot last March for the alleged rape of a 7-year-old did not end when the case against him collapsed on September 15.

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