A Pilgrimage to Philip Roth's Hometown

On Philip Roth?s 80th birthday, 100 Roth dorks, news hounds and former Newarkers took a guided tour of the author?s childhood city, novels in hand.

Passover Is Time for Gluten-Free Gluttony

Observant Jews who want to avoid gluten have more than matzo to eat. Stores are stocking an ever-growing array of gluten-free kosher-for-Passover foods from cakes to noodles.


Haredi Rebels Use Posters To Push for Israeli Draft of Ultra-Orthodox

Ultra-Orthodox rebels in Israel are pressing their community to drop its opposition to drafting yeshiva students. They are using the Haredi medium of posters — under cover of darkness.


Should Every Disabled Child Get a Jewish Education?

As the number of children diagnosed with disabilities grows, Jewish schools face two vexing questions: Do parents have a right to expect those children to be served? And at what price?


Yeshiva Condemns 'Offensive' Racial Remarks by Rabbi Hershel Schachter

After a call from the Anti-Defamation League, Yeshiva University has condemned racially loaded remarks made by a top dean as “inappropriate” and “offensive.”

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