Arm Outstretched: This page reads, ?We who have trusted Yeshua the Messiah ? believe he is our Passover.?

Why is This Haggadah Different From Others?

Here’s a Passover riddle: When is a Haggadah not Jewish? Answer: When it’s got more Jesus than a matzo has holes.

Disgruntled Synagogues Hold Back Confrontational Letter

A coalition of presidents from Conservative synagogues has agreed to refrain from sending a confrontational letter to the movement’s leadership, pending a face-to-face meeting within the next few weeks to discuss the presidents’ concerns.

Orthodox, El Al Tensions

Orthodox Jews are being urged to shun El Al, Israel’s national air carrier, over its in-flight entertainment — a push that is widely viewed as a gambit in a larger struggle with the airline.

Different Paths: Charles Freeman says the U.S. and Israel have ?divergent interests.?

Freeman, Straight, No Chaser, as Critic of Israel

Charles “Chas” Freeman, who until recently was set to assume the post of chairman of the National Intelligence Council, wants to make a few things emphatically clear.

IDF Lawyers Now Coming Under Fire for Their Counsel During Gaza Conflict

Rarely has the appointment of a law lecturer led to so much controversy. Students will now be learning law “from someone who helped justify the killing of civilians,” a Tel Aviv University lecturer complained to Haaretz after learning that Pnina Sharvit-Baruch is now a fellow faculty member.