Orthodox Rabbinic School Sparks Feud With Graduation of First Class of Women

The first women to graduate from a groundbreaking Orthodox rabbinical school are being welcomed at synagogues. But others are blasting Yeshivat Maharat for breaking with tradition.


Is Arab League Peace Shift ‘Big Step Forward’ or Tempest in a Mideast Teapot?

The Arab League peace initiative is being revisited as John Kerry seeks ways to restart peace talks. But Israelis see it as a non-starter and Palestinians have their doubts, too.


Women and Orthodox Waver Over Plan for Egalitarian Prayer at Western Wall

Women’s activists and the Western Wall’s Orthodox rabbi had first accepted then dismissed a plan to allow egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall. Now they are on board. Why?


How $57 Million Holocaust Fraud Unfolded at Claims Conference

It took hours to reach a guilty verdict in the $57 million theft at the Claims Conference for Holocaust survivors. Figuring out how the fraud went undetected could take a lifetime.


What Israel Air Strikes on Syria Reveal About Blueprint for Iran Attack

Israel didn’t notify the U.S. before it launched punishing strikes on Syria. But history says it will have to sit down with Washington before any attack on Iran.

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