Excerpt From Forward’s Coverage of the Riots

The marchers come up President from the corner of Utica Avenue — “the accident site,” as it has come to be known — where Gavin Cato was killed by the car from Rabbi Schneerson’s motorcade. They have just been listening to Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson — the Al Sharpton “of Tawana Brawley fame,” the Sonny Carson “who masterminded the Korean grocery boycott,” is the way they’re described by Chasidic observers.

70 Years After Destruction, Memory of Lithuanian Community Lives in Diaspora

The Jews of a small Lithuanian town called Keidan were known for thumping their chest with pride. Decades after its destruction in 1941, a descendant dares to remember.

Living Apart in Crown Heights

Twenty years after the riots, we walk the vibrant streets of Crown Heights. Activists and ordinary folks talk about what’s changed and the continuing racial divisions.


'Russian Dolls' Gets Thumbs Down From Brighton Beach

The new reality show ‘Russian Dolls’ is little more than stereotypes strung together. Many in Brighton Beach are just happy the actors aren’t explicitly described as Jewish.


Line Between Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Protests Splits AJC

When does anti-Israel speech cross the line to anti-Semitism? The question has split the top ranks of the American Jewish Committee.

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