N.J. Jewish Paper In Knots Over Gay Nuptials

A late September edition of the New Jersey Jewish Standard included a first for the publication: an announcement, in its Simchas section, of an engagement between two men. A week later, however, the paper effectively took back the notice, apologizing for it in a lead editorial. Reactions on both sides have been severe.


For N.J. Jewish Paper, First Same-Sex Announcement Will Be Its Last

A Jewish newspaper in New Jersey said its first same-sex engagement announcement will be its last one.

The Battle Over Court Access for Survivors’ Claims Makes Its Way to Congress

Holocaust survivors denouncing the Jewish establishment would be a spectacle in almost any venue — and all the more so when it is under the bright lights of a congressional hearing.

J Street Flap Shines Spotlight On George Soros And His Money

For the left wing of the American political spectrum, George Soros is one of the great patrons of progressive causes. For those on the right, he is the man who lavished money on insurgent groups like MoveOn.org, and called defeating George W. Bush a “matter of life and death” — in other words, a symbol of all that’s wrong on the political scene.


It’s Not Easy To Build a Mosque in Brooklyn, Either

Depending on whom you ask, the new mosque planned for a quiet block in southern Brooklyn is either the latest target in a wave of coordinated anti-Muslim sentiment, part of an insidious effort to spread political Islam throughout America or simply a parking nightmare waiting to happen.

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