Controversial Panel on Israel Moved From Ansche Chesed After Rabbi Balks

A panel discussion on whether Israel is a democracy has been moved from one Manhattan synagogue to another, following an objection to the event from the first synagogue’s rabbi.


For Pope-to-Be, Choice of Name Means Plenty

The new pope who emerges from the secretive conclave in Rome will send Roman Catholics — and Jews — a potent message without saying a word. It’s all in the name.

Jewish Umbrella Group Backs New Gun Controls

The Jewish community’s umbrella group on policy issues has adopted a new resolution regarding mass violence acts, reaffirming the community’s support for gun control but stopping short of calling for a complete ban on the sale of assault rifles.


Looming Sequestration Cuts Cause Split Among Israel Aid Advocates

Pro-Israel advocates have long pushed for aid to the Jewish state as part of the entire foreign aid package. The sequester cuts have changed that, at least for AIPAC.


Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue Has Change of Heart About Demolition

Beth Hamedrash Hagodol, a historic 163-year-old synagogue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, wanted to demolish itself. Its rabbi has had a change of heart.

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