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BANISHED TO THINK TANKS: From top, neocons Elliot Abrams, Douglas Feith and Richard Perle.

No Longer in Power, Free To Talk, Neocons Seek To Rewrite History

The audience was a receptive one at the Brookings Institution during a recent presentation on foreign policy recommendations for the incoming president. Experts explained in detail their view of the Bush administration’s blunders and how the Obama team should reverse almost every policy the outgoing administration has set in place over the past eight years.

FLASHPOINT: The Anschei Mesiritz synagogue Delicatessen reports that offers from developers have dropped off since the economic downturn.

Economic Crisis Preserves Lower East Side

About a year ago, the owners of the Streit’s matzo factory, a pillar of Manhattan’s Lower East Side since 1925, announced that they planned to sell the building and move their operations to New Jersey.

Conversion Crisis in Israel Boils With New Appointee

Florence Rouaux, a 28-year-old Jerusalemite who immigrated to Israel from Belgium in 2003, completed her conversion to Judaism three years ago. She went through the recognized channels, converting under the auspices of Israel’s state Conversion Authority.

Reclusive Syrian Jews Denounce Hebron Eviction

The recent eviction of Israeli Jewish settlers from a contested building in Hebron has provoked a loud and angry retort from the usually publicity-shy Syrian Jewish community of Brooklyn.

Jewish Groups Talk Up Domestic Concerns With Obama Team

The recent eviction of Israeli Jewish settlers from a contested building in Hebron has provoked a loud. After years of concentrating on foreign policy issues, American Jewish groups are looking to return to their historic focus on domestic policy when lobbying the new administration.