At a Crossroads: Younger Jews are once again moving into Jersey City N.J., but older synagogues, such as Temple Beth-El (above), have had mixed success at luring them into communal life.

On the Jersey Waterfront, Jews Return, But Jewish Community Still Struggles

Aside from a few buckets to catch water where the roof leaks, Congregation B’nai Jacob in Jersey City, N.J., looks much as it did 40 years ago, when 900 people would show up for High Holy Day services and the Hebrew school was packed with 175 students. But the Hebrew school has been closed for years, and the Conservative synagogue’s aging membership, though still devoted, has dwindled to about 90 families, most of them elderly.

Survivor?s Backpack: Boris Kacel of Skokie, Ill., had this backpack when he escaped from Buchenwald. He donated the pack to the new Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center.

When the Last Survivor Is Gone

Two years ago, an MBA student whom I mentored wrote her thesis on how major Holocaust organizations were planning to deal with the inevitable — the fact that soon, all too soon, there would be no survivors.

Eger: Rabbi Denise Eger will lead Southern California?s board of rabbis.

Leading Combatant in Gay Marriage Fight To Head Southern California Rabbis

When Denise Eger assumes the leadership of this region’s local rabbinic association, she’ll be making history — twice over.


Government Grant Helps California Synagogues Find Eternal Sunshine of the Holy Kind

In 1897, two New York policemen disrupted a public ceremony marking the Blessing of the Sun and dragged a rabbi down to court for failing to have a permit. More than a century later, on the opposite coast, government officials are not only giving a similar ceremony their blessing — they are also putting money behind a new environmental program in its honor.


Egypt’s Escalating War on Hezbollah

After months of relative passivity, Egypt effectively declared war in mid-April on Iranian-backed terrorist groups operating in its backyard, executing an unprecedented wave of arrests of alleged terrorists, smugglers and arms-makers linked to Hezbollah and Hamas.