Looming Sequestration Cuts Cause Split Among Israel Aid Advocates

Pro-Israel advocates have long pushed for aid to the Jewish state as part of the entire foreign aid package. The sequester cuts have changed that, at least for AIPAC.


Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue Has Change of Heart About Demolition

Beth Hamedrash Hagodol, a historic 163-year-old synagogue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, wanted to demolish itself. Its rabbi has had a change of heart.

The Kotel Is Close to Our Hearts

American Jews are speaking out about one of the issues that is closest to their hearts: the right of women to pray as they please at the Western Wall in Jerusalem


Can Barack Obama Win Over Israelis While Mounting New Push for Peace?

President Obama may see his upcoming visit as a chance to win over the Israeli public. But if he also makes a push for peace, any honeymoon could be short-lived.


Quinoa, Trendy South American Grain, May Not Be Kosher for Passover

The South American grain quinoa is trendy. But the Orthodox Union will not certify it as kosher for Passover because it looks similar to grains proscribed on the holiday.

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