Frank Talk to Seniors About STDs

Senior citizens sometimes think they don’t have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. Social worker Diane Matthew sets them straight with a dose of frank talk.


Scientist Who Fled Nazis Helped Create Scale for Measuring Earthquakes

When a rare 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck this week, it reminded many of the old Richter scale. Beno Gutenberg, a Jew who fled the Nazis, helped create the tool.

Larry Cohen Is Low-Profile Leader of Verizon Strike

Larry Cohen cut his teeth in the antiwar and civil rights movements. The longtime union leader kept a low profile, until the giant strike at Verizon thrust him into the spotlight.

New Israel Fund Alone in Funding Israel Protests

The New Israel Fund has been alone among American Jewish groups in actively backing the tent city protests. Trouble is, the movement’s leaders don’t want the help.


Terror Attacks Reveal Danger and Opportunity of Arab Revolution

The terror attacks launched from the Sinai show the dangers of a weakened Egypt after the Arab Spring revolution. The new order also could prove an opportunity for Israel.

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