On Muslim Anti-Semitism

Princeton University’s Mark R. Cohen, the Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East, spoke recently with the Forward’s news editor Larry Cohler-Esses about the history of Muslim anti-Semitism. They discuss the debate over whether Islam is innately unfriendly to Jews, or whether Muslim anti-Semitism is a newer phenomenon imported from Christianity and, later, fueled by the rejection of Zionism.


Take That, Walt and Mearsheimer: An Author Scrutinizes the Arab Lobby

Three years ago, professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer packaged their critique of the pro-Israel lobby into a 400-plus page tome that has become a bible for critics of Israel?s influence in Washington. Now, a new book, nearly as thick and just as detailed, turns the tables on the two academics.


Lawsuit Accuses IRS of Screening Israel-Related Charities

A hawkish pro-Israel activist group has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Internal Revenue Service is impeding or denying applications for tax-exempt status from nonprofit organizations that oppose the Obama administration’s Israel policies. But experts in nonprofit tax law say that the allegations seem far-fetched.

Yizkor for Jabotinsky: The Prophet Half-Heeded

The 70th anniversary of the death of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky, father of Revisionist Zionism, passed quietly this year. This was not a result of neglect; Jabotinsky simply does not need a special day to be remembered, not when most of the members of the current Israeli government would classify themselves as “Jabotinskyites.”


Anniversary of WTC Attack To Prompt Rallies Amid Holy Days

The lunar calendars of two religions and the electoral cycle are coming into alignment with the controversy that has seized the nation, setting the stage for a political and religious drama on the narrow streets of Lower Manhattan on September 11.

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