Hasidic Fixer Key to Sprawling Corruption Probe — But Are They Dying Breed?

Mark Stern is the Hasidic ‘fixer’ at the center of a giant corruption sting. The power of behind-the-scenes middlemen is fading as ultra-Orthodox take baby steps into public life.


'Jewish' Breast Cancer BRCA Gene in Spotlight as Supreme Court Hears Case

Can human DNA be patented? The Supreme Court is hearing a case centering on the BRCA mutation, which can cause breast cancer and is common among Ashkenazi women.

Maine Rabbi's Injury Forges Remarkable Partnership Between 2 Branches of Faith

Rabbi Alice Goldfinger’s head injury changed her life forever. But it led to a remarkable bond with Rabbi Akiva Herzfeld, who allowed her to lead prayers in his Orthodox synagogue.


Yeshiva Alumni Angry Over Award for Jimmy Carter — Not Hershel Schachter

Some Yeshiva alumni are angry at an award for ex-President Jimmy Carter. There’s barely a peep over an honor for a top rabbi accused of racism and disregarding child sex abuse.


Top Modern Orthodox Rabbi Michael Broyde Admits Fake Name Scheme

Rabbi Michael Broyde has apologized for using a fake persona to undermine a rival Modern Orthodox rabbinic organization for years — after concocting an elaborate denial.

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