Embattled New Israel Fund Fights Back

Under attack as a subversive, anti-Israel group, the New Israel Fund, the largest financial supporter of human rights groups in Israel, has opted to respond by rallying supporters of a progressive agenda in Israel.

Polish City Displays Two Faces to Its Few Jews

Instructors at a ground-breaking college in Torun like Maksymin Tandek teach Poles Jewish subjects, while two miles away a popular radio program’s broadcasts demonize gays and Jews.


Congressional Letter To End Gaza Blockade Splits Activists

A congressional letter calling on the United States to press for the lifting of the blockades imposed by Israel and Egypt on Gaza has sparked controversy within the Jewish community.

Jewish in Tel Aviv, Gentile in Ashkelon

In Tel Aviv, where she works, Alina Serjukov is Jewish. In Ashkelon, where she lives, she’s considered a gentile.

Evangelist for Silence Promotes a Quiet Gift

A disadvantaged Brooklyn school observes a morning ritual conceived by a Hasidic Jew heeding the Lubavitcher’s Rebbe’s call for a moment of silence in public schools.

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