A Seder That Also Tells The Story Of Labor

How was the special seventh-night Seder at the University of Wisconsin’s Hillel Foundation different from all other Seders? Well to start with, the plague of boils became exploding landfills and destroyed wetlands defacing the earth. The plague of locusts, featuring insects traveling in a swarm? The symbol of a state public transportation system pulverized.


Bruce Raynor, Longtime Garment Union Leader, Quitting Labor Posts

Longtime garment union chief Bruce Raynor is resigning from his union leadership positions following allegations of misconduct regarding his union expense reports.

On 50th Anniversary of His Trial, Eichmann’s Case Still Brands Israel

The Adolf Eichmann trial — its 50th anniversary is this month — endowed Israel with an altogether different national identity from the one it had so triumphantly achieved in 1948, writes Thane Rosenbaum.


Prosperous but Unequal: OECD Report Spotlights Alarming Trend

Israel’s ascension last May to the OECD — an organization made up of the world’s most prosperous economies — has shone a spotlight on inequality in the Jewish state, where poverty is almost twice the OECD average.


Sex Abuse Witness May Have Been Paid To Testify

A landmark conviction of a prominent member of Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox community for sexual abuse faces possible reversal following the indictment of man charged with having bribed a witness to testify against the abuser.

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