Jewish Groups Take Sides in Honduran Strife

The recent return of Honduras’s ousted and expelled president to his country is not an issue in which the Jewish stakes are clear or obvious. But Jewish groups are nonetheless taking sides over the turmoil roiling the Central American country and over the Obama administration’s stand on developments there.

Therapy by Numbers

It’s long been known that psychotherapy has Jewish roots, but “speed shrinking” is something even Freud probably never tried. This trend in treatment, modeled after a new novel — and the ‘“speed dating” phenomenon — came to life at a recent event in Manhattan, where party-goers met with a string of advice-givers for three minutes each.

Broadened Coalition To Protest Iran This Year at United Nations

As world leaders converge on New York for the annual opening of the United Nations’ new session, advocates and Jewish groups are seeking to broaden the coalition that has in years past protested the Tehran regime to include many additional groups that share grievances against Iran.

Conservative Synagogue Chief Issues Apology

The new head of Conservative Judaism’s congregational arm has asked his fellow rabbis to forgive him in a Sept. 17 letter apologizing for a recent interview with the Forward in which he said Conservative rabbis lack “missionary zeal,” and work instead “to get paid.”

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