AIPAC Not Just for Jews Anymore

AIPAC isn’t just for Jews anymore. As the group seeks to expand the pro-Israel tent, blacks, Latinos and evangelical Christians are all part of a growing coalition.


Shimon Peres Draws Oohs in La-La Land

Age has taken a toll on Israeli President Shimon Peres. Yet, his eloquence and charisma made him as much of a star as those he met in Hollywood.

Peter Novick, Historian, Dies at 77

Peter Novick, author of ‘The Holocaust in American Life,’ argued that Jews overused the Holocaust to create a false sense of oppression in the U.S.


Coming Up Empty on Title VI

A year and a half after Title VI was extended to Jewish students, groups have yet to succeed in using the civil rights law against anti-Israel activity on campus.


Pro-Israel Lawmakers Promote One State

Lawmakers are trying to show support for Israel by proclaiming its right to rule the West Bank. But what would such a ‘one-state solution’ mean for the Jewish state?

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