Jewish Neighborhood in Shock After Grisly Murder of Brooklyn Boy

Leiby Kletzky was abducted and murdered on his way home from camp in Brooklyn. A suspect is charged, a family mourns and a community searches for answers.


Fracking Comes to Jewish Summer Camp

A number of Jewish summer camps have signed deals allowing natural gas ‘fracking.’ Are the huge payments they will receive worth the environmental risk?


Israel’s New Anti-Boycott Law Seen in Personal Terms

The Knesset’s recent vote outlawing any advocacy of a boycott of Israel or the occupied territories and Jewish settlements under its control is seen by some as a mortal threat to democracy. But there are others who see the law in more concrete terms: as a threat to themselves.


Whittier Celebrates the Last Hurrah of America’s First Havurah

America’s first havurah was founded 50 years ago in Whittier, Calif., outside of Los Angeles. Members say it succeeded beyond anyone’s dreams. So why is it disbanding?


New Leader of Orthodox Rabbinic Group Confronts an Organization Divided

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin has a modest goal for the Rabbinical Council of America: He hopes to keep the Orthodox group from splitting apart.

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