Wasserman Schultz Puts Fire on Display

Debbie Wasserman Schultz learned at the family dinner table not to let anything stand in the way of her dreams. She’s using those lessons as she steers President Obama’s reelection campaign.


Obama Orders About-Face on Jerusalem

A day of criticism and damage control efforts ended when President Barack Obama ordered the party to reinstate language recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


Why Did Jerusalem Disappear From Platform?

Jerusalem has many mysteries, but none may be as perplexing at present as its disappearance from the Democratic Party platform.


Can Holocaust Trauma Affect 'Third Generation'?

Is learning about the Holocaust from your grandparents more traumatic than watching ‘Schindler’s List’? Scholars are exploring the ‘third generation’ effects of the Shoah.


Democrats Lash Out at GOP on Israel

Democrats hit back hard at critics of President Barack Obama’s Israel policy. They went on the offensive after the GOP attacked them for leaving Jerusalem out of the platform.

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