An $800,000 Israel Ad Campaign to Save ‘Lost’ Diaspora Jews Falls Flat And Dies

A bungled ad campaign that urged Israelis to phone a hotline and report details on individual Diaspora Jews whom they fear will assimilate involved an outlay of around $8,000 per name received, the Forward has learned.

Israel’s Lady Madonna

What has blond hair, a fancy for Kabbalah and causes Facebook newsfeeds throughout the Middle East to be bombarded by status updates? If you said Dimona, you’re close. It’s Madonna, and if it seemed as though her two recent shows at the end of her “Sticky and Sweet” tour brought Israel to a standstill — well, they almost did.

For the Benefit of Mr. Epstein

No disrespect to Beatles’ producer George Martin, but Paul McCartney made one thing clear in a 1997 BBC interview. “If anyone was the fifth Beatle,” McCartney said, “it was Brian [Epstein].”

300 Jews...How Many Blogs?

What event could possibly draw secular and religious Jews, obsessive hummus devotees and Jewish mother in-law experts? An opportunity to learn how to expertly opine on Jewish topics online. The Nefesh B’Nefesh Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention was slated for September 13. The event, which will focus on “Uniting the Jewish Community Through Social Media,” will bring together some 300 opinionated j-bloggers in Jerusalem and nearly 1,000 in cyberspace, who will join in via Internet telecast. They will network, listen to speakers and, of course, argue about whose opinion is right.

J Street Makes a Strategic Acquisition as Other Groups on the Left Struggle

The dovish Washington-based Israel lobby J Street is about to take over the Jewish community’s largest likeminded grassroots organization.

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