The Jerusalem Street at the Epicenter of the Violence

An ancient street that runs through the divided heart of Jerusalem has seen two killings in the recent spiral of violence. Naomi Zeveloff walks down its cobblestone steps — and explains why Jews and Palestinians have such divergent views of the bloodshed that has stained them.


From Desolate Playgrounds to Pepper-Spray, Rising Violence Affects Everyday Life in Israel

The rising violence in Israel is having a real impact on the everyday lives of regular Israelis.

Why America Stays Silent as Israel Violence Spirals Toward 'Intifada'

The U.S. is pointedly avoiding any engagement in the violence gripping Israel beyond tepid statements about the need for calm. Is the silence a sign of declining American power — or a deep frustration with the leaders on both sides of the conflict?


Ruth Messinger Stepping Down as Head of American Jewish World Service

Ruth Messinger will step down next year as president of the international development group American Jewish World Service after 18 years at the helm.


JTS Offers Parents Up to 8 Weeks Leave — Breakthrough Among Seminaries

The Jewish Theological Seminary has become the largest Jewish seminary in America to offer its employees fully paid parental leave.

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