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Reclusive Syrian Jews Denounce Hebron Eviction

The recent eviction of Israeli Jewish settlers from a contested building in Hebron has provoked a loud and angry retort from the usually publicity-shy Syrian Jewish community of Brooklyn.

Jewish Groups Talk Up Domestic Concerns With Obama Team

The recent eviction of Israeli Jewish settlers from a contested building in Hebron has provoked a loud. After years of concentrating on foreign policy issues, American Jewish groups are looking to return to their historic focus on domestic policy when lobbying the new administration.

End of Gaza Cease-Fire Leaves Both Sides Better Prepared To Fight

December’s close brought with it the end of an unwritten, Egyptian-brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, and six months of relative calm on the Israel-Gaza border. Now, as rockets explode once again in the Israeli border town of Sderot, and Israel contemplates its response to the assaults, both sides, ironically, stand militarily strengthened from the truce.

Israel Embarks on Global PR Campaign To Recruit Support for Gaza Raids

Israel is kicking off a public relations campaign with the intention of widening a basis for international support of a military offensive on the Gaza Strip. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has instructed Israeli representatives abroad to begin diplomatic efforts focused on members of the United Nations Security Council and Europeans states.

Focus on Domestic Issues at Transition Team’s Meeting With Jewish Leaders

Representatives of 29 Jewish groups met with members of the Obama transition team Thursday. While for the past eight years White House meetings with Jewish leaders focused mainly on foreign policy issues relating to Israel, the discussion with the Obama team this week was evenly divided between foreign and domestic issues.