Scholars Rally Around Embattled Professor

An employment dispute at a Midwestern state university has bubbled into a national cause célèbre in the world of Jewish studies, drawing in some of the field’s leading lights.

Bound for Albany: Joseph Diangelo, who says he was abused as a child in a Brooklyn Hasidic community, boards a bus on March 11 to lobby the New York State legislature for a bill to extend the statute of limitations for claims of sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Join Debate Over Extending Claims

Jews who say they were sexually abused as children by their rabbis are seeking to tip the balance in favor of a long-stalled bill that would extend the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse in New York State — legislation that could have far-reaching impact on some Orthodox communities as they struggle with emerging allegations of child abuse.


Dramatic Shift In Diplomacy Draws Muted React, So Far

It is an Obama revolution that has gone by virtually unremarked. In the space of one week, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton have knocked down no fewer than five long-standing pillars of American foreign policy from the Bush years and earlier, leaving Israel and other countries affected to confront a transformed world of diplomacy.


Conservatives Get New Leader Amid Calls for Overhaul

Conservative Judaism is being roiled by potentially tectonic changes that could lead to both new leadership for the movement and structural changes in how the movement’s organizations work.

Just Deserts? As disgraced financier Bernard Madoff (center) awaits sentencing, his victims try to imagine a punishment that would fit the crime.

Cleaning Toilets, and Other Victim Fantasies

What would be a fair punishment for Bernard Madoff?