Paid Parental Leave Policy Now Sets JTS Apart From Other Seminaries

Even though Jewish communal groups claim to place a huge emphasis on family life and Jewish continuity, most of the nation’s rabbinical seminaries still do not offer their employees paid parental leave.

Zimbabwe's Lembas Push for Circumcision

On a hot spring morning in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare, Modreck Maeresera is packing up for a trip at his quiet suburban home.


Henry Krystal, Survivor and Holocaust Trauma Expert, Dies at 90

Henry Krystal, a concentration camp survivor and Holocaust trauma expert, died on Oct. 8th at the age of 90.

Iconic Hasidic-Owned Electronics Store B and H Faces Growing Worker Revolt

Workers at the iconic camera store B and H say they face unsafe labor conditions and are looking to unionize.


The Jerusalem Street at the Epicenter of the Violence

An ancient street that runs through the divided heart of Jerusalem has seen two killings in the recent spiral of violence. Naomi Zeveloff walks down its cobblestone steps — and explains why Jews and Palestinians have such divergent views of the bloodshed that has stained them.

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