Anti-Defamation League Picks Fresh Face Jonathan Greenblatt as New Chief

In a bold move, the century-old Anti Defamation League has chosen a young social entrepreneur as its new chief. Some see a sharp contrast with the departing Abraham Foxman.


Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, Revered Leader of America’s Black Jews, Dies at 81

Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, a revered leader of the Black Hebrew Israelites, has died at 81. Born in Ethiopia, his dignity won mainstream respect — and built interracial bridges.


Hungary Jewish Leader Gusztav Zoltai Denounced as 'Traitor'

For 22 years Gusztav Zoltai led Hungary’s Jewish community. For all his flaws, no one ever called him a traitor — until September.

British Labor Party Chief Slams 'Rise of Anti-Semitism'

British Labor Party leader Ed Miliband decried the rise of anti-Semitism in Great Britain and called for “a zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism in the UK.”

J Street Wins Funding Battle Even Amid Midterm Washout for Liberals

J Street funneled $2 million mostly to liberals who lost in the midterm GOP landslide. Nonetheless, the dovish group is crowing over becoming the top-giving Israel PAC.

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