Who Will Make Peace When Palestinians Are Divided?

Whenever he is asked about prospects for a two-state solution, Moshe Elad, who was the first head of Israeli-Palestinian security coordination after the Oslo Accords, answers with a question of his own: “In the West, people see removing settlements as the most effective way of moving things forward. But say we reach a point where settlements are removed. Where the hell do we go from there?”


Renewal Raises Its Sights While Resisting Any Label

The denominations that make up mainstream American Judaism — Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist — all seem to be struggling with organizational issues while clinging fiercely to their separate identities. But not Jewish Renewal, a small movement based on the teachings of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. Renewal is facing the exact opposite problem: It is struggling to mature as a movement without becoming a denomination.

CDC Warns That Mumps May Spread

Experts are warning that an outbreak of mumps that has already sickened thousands in the Orthodox community could spread further this Passover.

The First ‘Rabba’ Is Given a Standing Ovation at Jewish Feminist Conference

The battle over whether women may serve in rabbinic roles in Orthodox synagogues, and if so, what these women should be called, dominated the recent Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance conference — where many speakers predicted that female clergy members would become increasingly common at Orthodox institutions.


A New Story and Better Understanding Between Israelis and Palestinians

This summer, young Israeli and Palestinian leaders will travel to Washington to live together and learn from each other, in hopes of creating a new narrative for the possibilities for peace in the Middle East.

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