As Rockets Fly, Israel's Grumpy Old Men Shrug

When air raid sirens sound, some Israelis take their time running for cover. Old-timers like Emmanuel Hatzofe have seen plenty worse than this.

Rise of Latino Voters Is Wake-Up Call for Jews

The most startling result of this year’s election was the powerful impact of Latino voters. Jewish groups say it’s a wake-up call to forge a new political alliance.


Many Red Lines Crossed on Road to Gaza War

Both Israel and Hamas crossed tacitly agreed ‘red lines,’ escalating a low-level, slap-for-slap conflict to the brink of a new ground war in Gaza.

Weary Gaza Knows To Expect the Worst

Shrieks of outgoing rockets from Gaza receive an encore of whistling youths, honking horns and celebratory calls of ‘God is Great’ from mosque loudspeakers.


Bracing for Cuts, Federations Hold Tongue on Taxes

Jewish federation leaders are bracing for substantial cuts in social service spending. Even with the ‘fiscal cliff’ looming, they are not taking sides in the battle over taxes.

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