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Madoff Arrest Sends Shockwaves Through Jewish Philanthropy

The arrest of Wall Street trader Bernard L. Madoff, who federal agents say defrauded investors of an estimated $50 billion, has had immediate consequences in the Jewish philanthropic world. One charity already closed and insiders are worried that the ramifications of Madoff’s financial demise may extend to the many organizations he supported and the wealthy Jews he advised.

BACKLASH: A young Jewish settler in Hebron thows stones at a Palestinian house in Hebron in the West Bank after Israeli security forces forcibly evacuated his compatriots from a home there.

Hebron Rioters Inspired by Radical Settler Leaders

To the Jewish West Bank settlers who attacked Palestinian people and property in Hebron this month, it was Operation Price Tag — an attempt to increase the price to the Israeli government of evacuating them from ground they view as sacred.

How the Rubashkins Changed the Way Jews Eat in America

Shortly before the kosher meat company Agriprocessors declared bankruptcy this fall, Aaron Rubashkin, the 82-year-old owner of the company, stood under the fluorescent lights of his Brooklyn store and spoke about what it was like to watch the collapse of the company that he created in Boro Park and expanded first to Postville, Iowa, then to Nebraska and then beyond.

Harvey Milk, in Life and on Film, Typified the Proud Jew as Outsider

In an early scene in “Milk” — the new biopic starring Sean Penn as slain gay activist and San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk — Milk, a proud new shop owner in the city’s Castro district, seeks to join his neighborhood business association. He initially gives assurances to a skeptical association leader, saying, “I’m not an interloper.” But in a bit of self-effacing humor, he adds, “I may be a Jew.”

ASSAULTED ON ASSIGNMENT: Haaretz photographer Tess Scheflan gets treatment in Hebron after being struck in the head by an Israeli soldier while covering the aftermath of violence two days later.

A Settler Pogrom, From the Receiving End

An innocent Palestinian family, numbering close to 20 people, in their home — all women and children, save for three men.