In Israel, Many Russians View Conversion Bill With a Shrug

Amid the din of Diaspora and Israeli voices shouting to be heard in July during a heated intercontinental debate over a proposed Knesset bill on Jewish conversion, it was easy to miss the silence of one major stakeholder in the legislation: the non-Jewish immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union, on whose behalf the legislation was actually created.


No Progress Yet in Attempt To Mend Rift Over Conversion Bill

The truce worked out by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to quell what has become known as “the conversion bill crisis” may be in jeopardy.

Israel Fights Isolation With New Measures

Israel is taking significant new steps to relieve its international isolation following the fatal raid on a humanitarian flotilla and the accusatory Goldstone Report.


Wedding Blues: Rabbis at Odds With Their Rules

Despite the Jewish rituals incorporated into Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s nuptials, Jewish leaders are taking pains to stress that their Sabbath day wedding was not a Jewish event.


‘The Roundtable’ Is Offered A Seat

You have to get used to acronyms quickly in the world of Jewish social justice (and it helps if you like the letter “j”.) There’s the venerable JCUA in Chicago, PJA on the West Coast, the surprisingly well-organized JCA in Minnesota and a very active JCRC in Boston. National organizations include JCPA, JOI, JFSJ and AJWS. And that’s just the start of a much longer list.

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