Jewish GOP Leaders Call for Move to Middle

After a bitter election defeat, Jewish Republicans have advice for their party on the best path forward. Hint: It goes through the political middle.


Focus on Social Justice as Federation G.A. Opens

In the first major post-election Jewish gathering, politics has been given a deliberately low profile. Instead, the focus is on social justice.


Kosher Restaurant Revolt Brews in Jerusalem

Restaurateurs in Jerusalem are fuming over what they see as a corrupt government monopoly on kosher certification, a key issue in the holy city.


The Kindness of Neighbors

Paul Berger didn’t know what to expect when Sandy struck, cutting his young family off from heat and power. The outpouring of help taught him a lesson in community.

Obama Will Leave Deeper Mark on Top Court

President Barack Obama now could deepen his liberal imprint on the Supreme Court. Will ailing liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg be first to quit?

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