Three Jews Among Those Killed in Ukraine Uprising

Three Jews have been identified among the victims of the uprising that brought the new Ukraine government to power. Why are far-right wingers saluting them as martyrs?

Hadassah Hospital Fiscal Crisis Sparks Feud With Women's Zionist Group

Hadassah Hospital is a symbol of the best medical care and American support for the Jewish state. But its fiscal crisis has driven a wedge with the venerable women’s Zionist organization that funds it.

White Powder Mailed to Hungarian Jewish Leader, Substance Deemed Harmless

An envelope containing white powder sent to a representative of Hungary’s Jewish communities did not contain any dangerous materials.

Latvian Nazi SS Veterans March in Annual Riga Parade

Latvians who fought in the local unit of Nazi Germany’s Waffen SS held their annual parade on Sunday, an event which the government feared could raise tensions with Russia as former Soviet states watch events in Ukraine with growing concern


Evangelical Christians Rally Against Occupation as Palestinians Gain Support

Evangelicals learned about the injustice of the occupation at ‘Christ at the Checkpoint.’ The Bethlehem event marks growing support for the Palestinians — and a worry for Israel.

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