Schneiderman Gets Used to the Spotlight

For a rising politician, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman avoids personal details. He vaguely describes becoming more actively involved in Jewish life as an adult.

Child Sex-Abuse Scandal in Australia's Jewish Community Spills Into U.S.

Members of the Australian Jewish community say suspected child molesters ended up in the United States after community leaders failed to report them to authorities.

Vitka Kempner Kovner, Vilna Partisan, Dies

The legendary Vilna partisan Vitka Kempner Kovner died on February 15. She was credited with carrying out the first act of anti-Nazi resistance in the ghetto.

W. Gunter Plaut, Noted Reform Scholar

Gunther Plaut taught Torah to the Jewish people and was teacher to a grateful Reform movement. The movement mourns his passing with profound sorrow.

What Did Alan Gross Do in Cuba?

Alan Gross has maintained that he is guilty of nothing more than naivete. But reports show that the accused spy knew the risks that he was taking in Cuba.

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