Harvey Milk, in Life and on Film, Typified the Proud Jew as Outsider

In an early scene in “Milk” — the new biopic starring Sean Penn as slain gay activist and San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk — Milk, a proud new shop owner in the city’s Castro district, seeks to join his neighborhood business association. He initially gives assurances to a skeptical association leader, saying, “I’m not an interloper.” But in a bit of self-effacing humor, he adds, “I may be a Jew.”

ASSAULTED ON ASSIGNMENT: Haaretz photographer Tess Scheflan gets treatment in Hebron after being struck in the head by an Israeli soldier while covering the aftermath of violence two days later.

A Settler Pogrom, From the Receiving End

An innocent Palestinian family, numbering close to 20 people, in their home — all women and children, save for three men.

Charities Held Liable for Cash to Terror Group’s Social Service Arm

In a landmark ruling likely to influence a series of ongoing terrorism financing legal battles, a Chicago federal appeals court upheld a judgment against three American‑based Muslim charities accused of bankrolling Hamas.

Presidents Conference Silent on Hebron

While major Jewish groups have publicly condemned the violence perpetrated by West Bank settlers against Israeli security forces and Palestinians in Hebron this month, the main voice of American Jewry has remained silent.

DEBATE: Arguing kosher ethics, fom left: Avi Shafran of Aguda Israel of America; Menachem Genack of Orthodox Union; Basil Herring of Rabbinical Council of America; Shmuly Yanklowitz of Uri L?Tzedek.

Debate Highlights the Politics of Kosher Food, From Left, Right and Center

In the Orthodox world, the arguments over kosher ritual, Jewish ethics and beleaguered kosher meat giant Agriprocessors have led to boycotts, name-calling and cries for investigations. But a recent evening at Yeshiva University featured a new element for the Orthodox world: an actual public debate.