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NEW TEAM: Among those being said to be considered for an Obama foreign policy team are Dennis Ross, top, and Colin Powell.

Centrist Foreign Policy Team Takes Shape

During Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, his foreign policy advisers were criticized by some in the Jewish community for not being sufficiently supportive of Israel. But president-elect Obama’s foreign policy team is shaping up to be centrist and pragmatic, strong on Israel and likely to use special envoys to deal with overseas conflicts.

BIG QUESTIONS: Zoe Dubno, left, and Josh Kolb tried out the seats at Temple Emanu-El where Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi David Wolpe would later debate the existence of God.

An Unusual Field Trip: In Hitchens vs. God, Let the Eighth Graders Decide

Like many Jewish kids of bar and bat mitzvah age, the eighth graders at the Rodeph Sholom School in Manhattan have been asked in recent months to consider their own religious beliefs as preparation for their entry into religious adulthood. Unlike most, however, they took a field trip to a historic synagogue to see celebrity pundit Christopher Hitchens and leading Conservative rabbi David Wolpe debate the existence of God

Effort To Align Jewish Community With Turkey on Genocide Angers Armenian Activists

Armenian activists are crying foul over Turkey’s hiring of a Jewish lobbyist to work against the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Mr. Darcy’s Israeli Makeover

Mr. Darcy, meet… Alona Sadeh. The Israeli cable provider Hot is venturing into BBC territory, adapting Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” but moving the action to 21st-century Israel. Planned as a six-part miniseries set for broadcast next summer, the drama will unfold in the Galilee rather than in rural England, with cars replacing carriages and bed-and-breakfasts standing in for country estates, according to the TV company.

ANTE UP: From left, Dani Yochtman, Oded Paz and Eden Harel, three contestants on the Israeli version of ?Celebrity Poker.?

The Bets Are in Shekels But the Game’s the Same

It’s a form of *tzedakah *that the Sages probably didn’t have in mind: cash winnings from the Israeli version of “Celebrity Poker.”