Jewish Doctor Who Founded Paralympics

Sir Ludwig Guttmann, whose groundbreaking treatments provided the platform for what has become the Paralympics, is getting recognition at last.

75 Years of the Grisly Golden Gate

Exactly 75 years after the first suicide jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, a San Francisco shul will hold a public memorial for the fallen. Does it suggest a new Jewish approach to suicide?

Moshe Feiglin Seeks To Keep Bibi Right

Moshe Feiglin is the most important party insider you’ve never heard of. The Likud boss has succeeded in keeping Benjamin Netanyahu from drifting away from the right wing.

Brian Lurie Takes Aim at Occupation

Rabbi Brian Lurie, the new head of the New Israel Fund, has spent most of his professional life in the American Jewish establishment. But he admits being a rebel.


The Truth? Few Muslims in Government

When Huma Abedin was accused of ties to radical Islam, lawmakers in both parties defended her. The real story is how few American Muslims are serving in government.

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