Special Satmar School District Gets a Windfall

What is a school district of 123 students going to do with $1.6 million in federal grants earmarked for education reform?


Old-School Jewish Activist Faces the Future as Project Ezra Prepares for Merger

Misha Avramoff, 71, has a little problem with his pronouns. “We bombed the King David Hotel,” he said in an interview is his office in Project Ezra’s space, on New York City’s Lower East Side, as an aside in the self-narrated — and decidedly nonlinear — story of his life.

All Conversions Now Under Review in Israel as Crisis Escalates

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has hoisted a question mark over the legitimacy of all conversions performed in the country since at least 1999.


Federal Civil Rights Policy Expanded To Protect Jewish College Students

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights ruled that Jewish students will once again be included among groups protected from ethnic- or race-based harassment on campus under the Civil Rights Act.

Report: Obstfeld’s Death an Accident

When Orthodox real estate developer Solomon Obstfeld was found dead on the second story roof of a Manhattan hotel in June, the official finding of suicide met with widespread skepticism among his friends.

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