Memorial Held for Airman Slain in Afghanistan

Slain Airman Matt Seidler was remembered as a hero who “chased after his dream” during a memorial at his air force base in Colorado.

Restive Ethiopians Take to Street

Confident young Ethiopians are not shy about standing up for their rights. The new generation is behind resurgent protests against racism in Israeli society.

Leon Botstein Wows at YIVO

“If, in the future, [Yiddish] will have the same status and [culturally] stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Latin and Greek, we won’t be doing so badly,” Bard College president Leon Botstein said at the January 9 launch of the YIVO-Bard Institute for East European Jewish History and Culture Winter Intercession Program.

Paper Owner Apologizes for Obama 'Hit' Column

The owner of an Atlanta Jewish newspaper apologized for a column about Israel ordering a ‘hit’ on President Obama. The Secret Service is investigating.


Kars4Kids Charity Loses Big on Real Estate

Its catchy radio jingles brought Kars4Kids donated vehicles worth $29 million a year. But a related charity lost nearly as much speculating on bad real estate deals as it spent helping children.

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